Highlights to Look for in a Smart Laptop


Before purchasing a laptop, many people consider multiple factors. So, what are the highlights of a practical and good-looking smart laptop? Let’s see the highlights of this laptop with our HONOR MagicBook Pro review.

The MagicBook Pro continues the classic design of the HONOR family. The metal body is 16.9 mm thick. It’s larger than the 14-inch MagicBook. The top, left, and right frames are 4.9 mm, and the bottom frame is 14.6 mm. The overall design allows the laptop to have a screen-to-body ratio of over 90%.

MagicBook Pro has a better balance of performance, endurance and weight among 1.7 kg products. It is very competitive compared to other brands.

The HONOR MagicBook Pro comes with a 65 W charger and a dual-head USB-C port. The charger and the USB-C cable provide a fast 20 V/3.25 A charge for the laptop. At the same time, they offer a quick charge for HONOR phones.

The A-side of the HONOR MagicBook Pro features a minimalist design. It has only a bright silver logo on the left side. The design style is super simple. This makes the laptop business-like.

All four sides of the A-side have no CNC diamond cutting. This enhances screen integration.

On the B side of the laptop is a 16.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1920*1080 P. The left, right and top sides of the screen are of 4.9 mm narrow bezel design. This gives the MagicBook Pro a higher screen-to-body ratio. At the same time, it makes the laptop light and small.

The screen supports a maximum opening and closing of about 150 °. It’s easier for users to use it for business communication. You don’t need to worry about damages due to a large-angle opening and closing.

The MagicBook Pro comes with a screen with TUV low-blue light certification. The anti-glare eye protection screen can relieve eye strain due to long-time laptop use.

The color of the screen is vivid and transparent. The actual look and feel can meet most people’s daily needs. The MagicBook Pro performs well in both color and viewing angles. At large angles, it brings no chromatic aberrations affecting the view.

The C-side of the MagicBook Pro features a standard laptop keyboard layout. It has a wide keycaps and moderate key travels. These make the keyboard very comfortable to use.

The camera hides between F6 and F7 on the keyboard. The design increases the screen-to-body ratio. It also provides users with better privacy.

Press it to eject when you need to use the camera. Then, press again to retract.

Cooling performance is one of the most important indicators for choosing a thin and light laptop.

HONOR MagicBook Pro has a gaming professional fan motor. Even in heavy-duty scenarios, it can achieve fan speeds of up to 5,800 rpm. It generates 20% more airflow than regular fans. With the dual heat pipe design, it performs better in heat dissipation.

Via the intelligent linkage of dual fans, it can balance airflow and fan noise.

The 7 temperature sensors can monitor the real-time temperature of the internal body. They improve fan efficiency. The sensor uses a chord drive technology to reduce pole switching noise in the fan motor.

HONOR MagicBook Pro delivers superior sound in addition to a borderless full screen. It has crossover speakers on the left and right of the keyboard. They provide stereo and excellent sound effects.

The power key hides in the right audio. It has fingerprint recognition function. Users can input fingerprints in Windows Hello. This allows them to press the power key to the desktop. It provides a secure and fast experience.

Will these highlights be helpful for you in buying a laptop?



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