11 winter wonderlands that are worth visiting in 2020


There is one thing that we all wait for the whole year.

The enchanting season of Winters! 

Speaking for myself, I can’t wait for the stillness and beauty of the winter season, which brings with itself countless blessings. Soups, coffee, sitting beside the fireplace, warm blankets, cozy winter wear, citrus fruits, and last but not least, HOLIDAYS!

My love for holidays and tourism gels well with my passion for winters. I make travel plans with my family even before the fall is here. I dream of exploring picturesque destinations and enjoying the Christmas and New year’s eve festivities at these places.

We are blessed with a world that is filled with diverse geography, cultures, and cuisines. Each country has its own unique attractions worth watching once in your lifetime. Sometimes we wish to buy specific things from a world-famous market, while at times we want to eat the local cuisine of a country.  Winter is also the season to enjoy skiing, sledding, and skating.

Several destinations are the perfect summer spot, but various ones turn into a winter paradise in the cold months.

This year too, I plan to travel with all the SOPs, which are part of the new normal. I have compiled a list of beautiful destinations that are ideal for visiting during the winter. They are the true winter wonderlands that wanderlusts like me would love to explore.

  1. Banff, Canada

The Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, is one of the top contenders of being an absolute winter wonderland. Visiting Banff in winter would be an incredible experience for you.

The mountain resorts in Banff are famous all around the world. You can enjoy amazing snow activities like skiing, snowboarding, and hiking over there. One of the most captivating hiking experiences you will get is at the Johnston Canyon, where you can view the frozen waterfalls.

Suppose you wish to listen to some fantastic performances and enjoy art shows. In that case, you can visit the Banff Centre, where you can also satisfy your appetite from the number of restaurants located over there.

  1. Quebec City, Canada

Quebec city will remind you more of Europe of old times than Canada. It is the best place to enjoy an unforgettable winter vacation. From roaming around the charming, colorful streets of the historic Petit Champlain to enjoying the famous Nordic Spa, there is a lot to explore in Quebec City.

Other things popular in Quebec are the famous ice hotel, which is totally made of ice, and the sledging activities. It also hosts the annual Quebec Winter Carnival with seasonal events like ice sculpting and canoe races.

  1. Munising, Michigan

Located in the state of Michigan, Munising is the place to be for amazing winter activities. You can enjoy spectacular views of frozen waterfalls and ice formations. You can also do snowshoeing to your heart’s content here.

The unique Miner’s Castle Rocks, Munising Falls, and the Pictured Rocks at National Lakeshore are famous tourist spots. Munising also offers a variety of indoor activities that you can enjoy with your families, like indoor ice skating, playlands, and bowling.

  1. Durham County, UK

The charismatic city of Durham is also one of the must-visit places during the festive seasons. There is a lot to see and do there as the town is bustling with delightful festivities.

The carol services and Christmas concerts at the Durham Cathedral are a delightful experience, and you can eat and shop whatever you like from the festive markets at the Durham marketplace. They have stalls of handcrafted items which are quite unique and famous, so make sure you bring some lovely ones from there.

Some more destinations to visit during the winters in Durham are the Aukland Castle, the Beamish Museum, and Lumiere, the largest light festival in the UK.

  1. Jackson, New Hampshire

In New England, Jackson is the ultimate skiing destination, making it one of the most attractive places to visit in the winter months. There is something about Jackson, which makes you feel warm and snug, giving you the wonderful feel of a holiday well spent.

You can enjoy horse led sleighing, cross country skiing, and pond skating while shop from the numerous tax-free outlets located at the White Mountains. The town is also a hub of famous romantic inns and restaurants, making sure you stay comfortable and well-fed.

  1. Big Bear Lake, California

Situated in California, Big bear lake is a highly appealing winter destination. It has beautiful skiing resorts and comfortable wood cabins on its mountainsides. Plus, you can also enjoy sledging on the Alpine Slide. During the winter festivities, the beautifully decorated storefronts of the shops with twinkly lights are worth watching, offering you lots of picture-worthy backdrops.

  1. Vik, Iceland

It may be a small town in Iceland, but there is a lot of unique adventures to do in Vik if you plan a winter vacation there. From hiking the trails of Víkurkirkja, horseback riding, to the incredible ice cave adventures, Vik has a lot to offer. Besides, you can enjoy the local cuisine such as the Arctic Char, the Icelandic meat soup, and the Iceland hot dogs.

Another interesting thing to watch at Vik is the Lava show, the abandoned US navy plane, and the famous Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach.

  1. Vienna, Austria

Tourists flock to Vienna in winters. Christmas shopping and eating lots of food may be one of the reasons for its popularity, but there is a lot more to explore in Vienna.

Marvelous palaces like the Hofburg Palace, the Belvedere Palace, and the Schonbrunn palace are located here with awe-inspiring interiors. The Prater public park with its iconic Ferris wheel is another tourist attraction along with the beautiful Vienna State Opera.

You can also enjoy a Vintage Tram ride for some amazing sight-seeing around the city.

  1. Strasbourg, France

There is a reason behind Strasbourg being termed as the Capital of Christmas. It comes alive during the winters with its beautifully decorated marketplaces and the great Christmas tree that translate the true Christmas charm.

Besides the nativity scene, Batorama riverboat tours are a great adventure to view the river city. Strasbourg’s culture is a fusion of French and German cultures, which reflects its cuisine. You can enjoy the Tarte Flambée or the yummy pretzels to satisfy your tastebuds.

  1. Rome, Italy

One can never get enough of picturesque locations while visiting Rome, Italy, even during the winters. It is both the tourists’ paradise and shopper’s paradise as it has a lot to offer in terms of sight-seeing and fashion stores. Whether you want that luxury leather bag that you were fancying for a long time, or you want to eat delicious Italian cuisine, you will get it all in the capital of Italy.

It is the best time to explore the Vatican Museums and the Roman Forum as the crowd is lesser as compared to summers. Around Christmas, St. Peter’s square is beaming with nativities, which you must see. Also, the grand holiday sales allow you to shop till you drop at your favorite stores.

  1. Aspen, CO

Winter is the perfect time to visit Aspen as it hosts its annual Aspen Festival in the 12 days leading up to Christmas. During the festival, ice skating and concerts are held which you don’t want to miss. Also, the Ullr Nights offer roller coaster rides and bonfires. The town is famous for its delectable cuisine and beverages.

Along with all these fascinating adventures, you can enjoy skiing at Aspen as well.

Summing Up

These places are the perfect winter getaways to satisfy your wanderlust. Many areas are covered with thick blankets of snow, while the Christmas and NewYear’s festivities are going on in full swing, making it a perfect time to get some much-needed vacations this year.

Make sure you pack according to the weather and activities you might be doing at the place you visit. Happy holidays!

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