7 Best CBD Intake Methods

Have you been looking into CBD? CBD is a hot topic right now, and for good reason. As more studies come out, people are finding new uses for this neat little compound.

But how are you going to take it? What are the best CBD consumption methods, and does it matter why you’re planning on using it?

We’ve tested several methods of CBD consumption and asked around to find the answers. Whether you’re a newcomer or you’re looking to change up your CBD routine, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn about a few of our favorite CBD consumption methods and why we love each one.

  1. CBD Oil 

Using CBD oil is the most common method of CBD consumption. CBD oil is available from most (if not all) CBD suppliers.

There are several ways to extract CBD into the oil, but they all result in a smooth and nearly tasteless liquid oil that can be taken or used in several ways.

Many people like to use CBD oil on or under their tongues by itself, while others like to put it into foods or drinks. A note, though: CBD oil doesn’t mix with water, making it not the best choice for this method.

Sublingual Use

When CBD oil is taken under the tongue (or sublingually) it becomes available to the body more quickly than it would on the tongue or through most other methods. In other words, it begins to work its magic faster.

Those who want immediate results from CBD will benefit from a few drops under the tongue. This is great for people who are using it to manage pain or who need immediate anxiety relief.

Why We Love It

As we mentioned, CBD oil is available everywhere. It’s affordable, it comes in various easy to understand doses, and you can get a large quantity in a single bottle.

When taken sublingually, it’s one of the fastest methods to get CBD relief. It doesn’t need to move through the digestive system. It’s dispersed through the body without delay.

  1. Vaping CBD

Many people choose to use vape pens for their CBD. These “pens” heat up CBD flower or CBD oil (depending on the tool) so it’s not hot enough to make smoke, but it is hot enough to make vapor.

CBD vapes may come in different flavors depending on where you are purchasing them. They’re easier on the lungs than smoking. That said, they’re a more “obvious” method of smoking, and even if CBD is legal in your area, a pen may get you in trouble.

While these pens are also used for nicotine, they’re also used for THC.

Why We Love It

Despite the problem of the appearance, we still love vaping CBD. If you’re creative, you may enjoy smokey CBD tricks (though this does waste the CBD). It also works fast, similarly to the sublingual oil.

It’s easy on the lungs as long as you’re careful and the fun varieties make vaping an overall enjoyable experience. Vaping is also scent-free, meaning that you may be able to get away with it indoors.

  1. Taking CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are another form of CBD that’s common in CBD shops. They’re either gelatin or plant-based capsules filled with CBD oil. The capsules dissolve in the stomach and release the CBD over time from your digestive system throughout the rest of the body.

Why We Love It

For newcomers to CBD, CBD capsules are the obvious choice. They’re not scary. They come in a form that almost everyone is used to. They also have clear dosages so anyone who isn’t sure what they need can start slow without too much thought.

CBD capsules are also good for long-term effects. While the effects won’t be quick, they will last for a longer period of time.

For bonus points, CBD capsules may be the most discreet method of consumption, as well as the easiest to bring with you on a trip or outing.

Overall, capsules are one of the best choices for newbies to CBD who may feel threatened by more unique methods of consumption.

  1. Smoking CBD Flower

Smoking CBD is a popular choice for those who are already used to tobacco and marijuana, but overall it’s one of the less common forms of CBD consumption.

CBD doses are generally small, so smoking may seem wasteful. It also requires paraphernalia that people aren’t comfortable with, and it’s harsher on the lungs than vaping.

That being said, it’s still a good method even if it’s not as popular as it could be.

Why We Love It

Despite the problems with smoking CBD, it’s still a great option for anyone who is trying to quit smoking and is looking for an alternative that has other benefits.

It’s also another one of the fastest methods of consumption. It has immediate effects. While it’s harsh, it’s not nearly as harsh as cigarettes and it doesn’t contain any extra harmful chemicals.

Smokers, people attempting to quit, and anyone who doesn’t mind the smoke and needs fast relief will like smoking CBD flower if they can find it.

  1. Edible CBD Treats and Drinks 

This is one of our favorites.

CBD now come in edible form. There are a lot of varieties of CBD edibles, with more and more companies jumping onto the CBD bandwagon after seeing its massive popularity.

You can get solid foods or drinks. Drinks have risen in popularity, with some larger brands even eyeing the option (though none have pulled the trigger yet). There are many sodas, CBD “cocktails” (without alcohol), juices, carbonated waters, and more.

For solid foods, you can get gourmet meals, CBD candies, CBD baked goods like brownies or cookies, CBD gum, CBD fruit chews, and more. If there’s a food you love, it’s available with a CBD option.

Why We Love Them

We love CBD edibles because they’re cute, accessible, and they pack a punch. They’re also subtle and easy to take around with you, especially things like CBD gummies, gum, and other kinds of candy.

CBD edibles take a longer time to kick in, but they have long-lasting and more intense effects than the other listed methods. They’re great for people who want to feel the effects for a few hours and are patient enough to wait for them.

CBD edibles are also approachable. People who aren’t sure how to use edibles or who are put off by smoking or vaping may feel more comfortable with edible CBD products with labeled dosages that they’re able to eat or drink like any other food or drink.

We love snacks and we love CBD, so the combination is always going to be a winner here.

  1. Using CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are similar to CBD oils and the two are often mistaken for one another. The primary difference is that CBD oil is extracted into the oil (as the name suggests) and CBD tinctures are extracted into an alcohol-based liquid.

Tinctures can be used as CBD oil and are best used sublingually.

Why We Love It

If you’re taking CBD tinctures under the tongue, the CBD will take effect in no time. Again, this is good for people who want relief right now. The taste can be offputting, but it’s brief.

Another reason we love tinctures is that they can be put into drinks at home. CBD oil is going to leave an oily film on the tops of your drinks while tinctures will not.

The taste may not be appealing, but it’s perfect for mixing into a flavorful drink or cocktail.

  1. CBD Balms and Lotions

This one is different because you aren’t technically “consuming” the CBD, but you are using it.

CBD is available in balms, lotions, and other “surface” methods to use on your skin. This may seem confusing at first, but these topical methods are shown to be effective for pain.

While the other methods of consumption may be better for deeper chronic pain, topical methods are great for muscle aches, mild joint issues, and even sunburn.

Why We Love It

Not everyone wants to ingest CBD. Some people want pain relief but have more isolated aches and pains that don’t need the full power of CBD. They also want isolated relief.

You apply balms and lotions to the affected area, meaning that someone can get exactly what they need from it without having any of the effects that they don’t want.

Which of the Best CBD Consumption Methods Works for You?

Are you the type of person that wants to try out some of the best CBD snacks, or are you interested in the localized relief of a good CBD balm? Maybe you’re a smoker who wants to make an easy transition with CBD flower or vapes.

Whatever you choose, there’s a consumption method for everyone. Test a few of them out!

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