Do you know these important facts about losing your weight faster?


Losing weight can be a matter of acquiring new habits or becoming an odyssey. There are thousands of diets – some are even harmful to health. These diets promise to end those extra pounds and hundreds of crazy myths about nutrition. That is why it is important to stick to safe weight loss Indianapolis recommendations. To work on a diet it is always important to consult with your dietician. Or, must know whether the diet is perfect for you. The truth is that there are no magic recipes and the only effective methods are to eat a balanced diet and perform regular physical activity. However, there are habits capable of helping to avoid cravings and combat excess calories.

Avoid sugary drinks as much as possible

Numerous scientific research suggests that the consumption of sugary drinks increases obesity rates in both children and adults. It is obvious that the best option is to drink water during meals, while if you are one of those who spend all day drinking coffee in the trade, you are in luck. Caffeine can help increase metabolism by 3 to 3 11%. Sugary drinks not only harm your health but also weaken your bone health. If you are addicted to sugary drink and following the diet at the same time – it is off no use.

Move to proteins: essential aspect

Adding protein to your diet is the easiest and most effective way to lose weight. Because the body uses more calories to metabolize this component than with fats or carbohydrates. In addition, it reduces cravings by 60% which could close the door to 441 calories daily. A multidisciplinary study published in the scientific editorial found that the intake of products with high protein content was inversely proportional to abdominal fat.

Reduce carbohydrates for better improvement

More than hundred controlled experiments support that low-carb diets lead to weight loss up to three times higher than low-fat ones. It is not convenient to become obsessed, since according to these studies it would be enough to avoid refined products and industrial pastries. You will not burn it just for aerobic exercise. You need another plan – food is key to achieving it. This is what you should take.

Resort to soluble fibre

Soluble fibre absorbs water and forms a gel that helps decrease the speed of food digestion. In this way, you will feel full before and eat less throughout the day. In addition, a joint investigation by several American universities shows that the consumption of these types of fibres – present in foods such as shirataki noodles, Brussels sprouts or avocados – can reduce abdominal fat significantly.

Move (and leave the abs)

It is time to banish the myth that attributes to abdominals the ability to reduce belly fat. Doing these exercises for six weeks does not reduce waist circumference or abdominal fat by any means. Instead, performing aerobic activity such as walking, running or swimming greatly reduces the abdomen.

Drink adequate water

For many, the first idea of diet is not to eat or drink anything. This is completely wrong. Dieting means to control the food intake per day. You must choose the diet according to your need. At first limit the calorie consumption and make a balanced diet. Perform every day exercise and, consume adequate water per day, at least 3 litters. Water will help you to dehydrate your body, thus burning the calorie faster.

One thing you should remember before choosing the diet – does it suits your need? For example, if you want to lose a few extra kilos, there is no meaning to maintain diet chart for diabetic patients. Always consult with the weight loss Carmel specialist. Take suggestions from the authentic health website.

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