Indian Wedding Planners – A Boon for Modern Day Wedding


Primarily, a marriage is a union between two individuals who will then play the role of husband and wife. Moreover, it is an alliance between two families. When the magnitude of such an event holds high stakes, it becomes crucial to plan it effectively as well. That’s when an Indian wedding planner comes into the picture.

What Services Do A Wedding Planner Offer?

  • Creating and Printing Invitation Card

Simply put, an invitation card is a template of timelines and information. Hence, it’s like a map which needs to be crafted skillfully, which should be done by a professional wedding planner. This is because; mistakes in invitation cards aren’t appreciated at all.

  • Selection of Jewellery

Jewelry needs no introduction! It’s like a pre-requisite for any marriage. Jewelry can accentuate the appearance of an individual and will complement the dress worn by him/her. It needs a certain amount of lighting, which only a wedding planner can judge on the basis of the venue.

  • Styling and Makeup

This aspect cannot be neglected by either the bride or the groom. A wedding planner can come up with innovative styles and makeup that would suit that individual during photography. Less makeup and too much of it, both are disastrous. A planner will make sure that doesn’t happen.

  • Dresses for Bride and Groom

While many people think that they have a great sense of picking up dresses and wearing them, it’s definitely not true! There have been cases where the dresses of the bride and the groom haven’t complimented each other. This is due to improper planning. An Indian wedding planner will carefully gauge the dresses for not only the bride/groom but also for their family as well.

  • Booking Venue

A wedding planner can suggest awesome and unimaginable destination wedding. They know when and how to book one, thus ensuring the convenience of the concerned parties.

  • Decorations

Floral decorations, lighting, air-conditioners, purifiers, carpets, and proper message boards are a part of several indispensable constituents of decorations. This is applicable not only in the marriage hall but also on the premises and the bride’s/groom’s house.

  • Photography and Videography

When it comes to photos and videos, there’s absolutely no match to the skill level of a wedding planner. Candid, beauty, fashion and in some cases, aerial photography is their specialty.

  • Catering and Logistics

To avoid stress and hassle to both the families, a wedding planner makes sure that everything is in the right place and the right time. Exquisite food with an exhaustive list of the menu is a treat. They also handle all sorts of transportation efficiently.

A wedding planner is probably the most bankable person/team when it comes to handling a wedding. Unlike marriages in the past, a modern wedding has its own expectations and it’s surprisingly huge. Whom to entrust and who has relevant knowledge and experience are the questions. One answer is an Indian wedding planner.

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