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The cross has been symbolic with all religions for centuries, but now they are also at the center of our fashion culture in the modern societies of today. Generally people just like wearing these stylish pieces of religious jewelry, it makes them feel good when they are out and about in the day and most of all it brings them closer to their god. Also, symbols of saints, stars, and angels are used in the design and making of the religious crosses. However, the cross still remains the most popular symbol of faith including the biggest in Christianity, which is well renowned when providing religious Jewelry. 

If you are looking for Cross pendant necklaces online you will be amazed to the see the variety of designs that the symbol in itself has to offer. 

The Origin and History of Cross Pendants

According to the beliefs of the Holy Bible, the Cross is very significant in Christianity as Jesus Christ was nailed to the Cross and that is when he died for the atonement of the sins of mankind. Since then the Cross bears quite a huge significance in not only Christianity but all religions in general. People from as early as the sixth century wore cross pendant necklaces and chains as a sign of faith and devotion for the almighty. 

During the medieval period, the royal families of Europe wore cross pendant necklaces to showcase their devotion for God as well as it a sign of their social status. Also, the clergymen wore cross pendant necklaces, which not only indicated their veneration but was a sign of their hierarchical position in the church. 

Eventually, the wearing of the cross necklaces became popular among all people, that’s why today you can find a variety of Cross pendant necklaces online to showcase your faith.

The Different Varieties of Cross Pendant Necklaces

Since the day the Cross was first seen many religions have used it to express their faith, there have been lots of different design variations made to the cross over the centuries. The Cross pendant necklaces online that you see today are derived from the various types of cross designs of which some are listed below.

  • Latin Cross: This is the most common variant of all the Cross pendant necklaces available. This is the simple cross that we generally find everywhere. 
  • Celtic Cross: This is the modified version of the Latin Cross with a circle in the centre. You can look for Celtic cross pendant necklaces online. 
  • Crucifix Cross: It is the type of cross that comes with a figure of Jesus crucified on it. 
  • Fleuree Cross: In this type of the cross, the arms end up into flower petals. You can browse Fleuree Cross pendant necklaces online to observe more variants of this type of cross. 

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