Preventive care for endocrine disorders


Our endocrine system produces hormones that regulate our day-to-day bodily functions. For example, it influences our growth, moods, sexual functions and metabolism. Therefore, any imbalance caused by genetic, dietary or other external factors can cause disorders and an array of symptoms which can disrupt the regular functioning of our bodies. Diabetes is India’s most common endocrine disorder, followed by thyroid disorders. Up close are Low testosterone (Hypogonadism), Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Osteoporosis.

Preventive health care focuses on constructive steps to be followed while under treatment and post-operative care. This roughly means changing your diet, reorganizing your lifestyle, or maintaining a regular exercise routine. It also involves being well-equipped to know that our body can react to certain stimuli in the vent of hormonal imbalances and metabolic disruptions. This helps a great deal in finding a routine and treatment that works. Let us have a look at some preventive care tips that will help you improve your endocrine health –

  • Increased intake of protein

Always taking intake of a high level of protein will help to take care of endocrine disorders. This protein intake will refer only by your doctor or the consultant who treats us.

  • Regular exercise

we have to maintain our health by doing a regular simple exercise. This always helps to keep our body and inner organs active. So, the chance of reducing the endocrine disorder is high.

  • Maintaining a balanced diet and gut health

Taking healthy food and other items you eat is very helpful in reducing the effect of this disease. This may be very tough initially, but if it is followed regularly, we can see a difference in our health.

  • Maintaining moderate BMI and body weight

We have to maintain our body weight. It is dangerous how much we gain body weight. It creates waste in our bodies and collapses our inner organs.

  • Lower your sugar intake

Always avoid taking too much sugar content. This will create other problems in your body and will be highly influential in improving endocrine disorders.

Other than this, we have some other tips which need to be followed regularly:

  • Meditation and other stress reduction techniques
  • Reduced sugar intake
  • Avoiding tobacco, alcohol and smoking
  • Regular high-quality sleep
  • Regular follow-up

Apart from all the steps mentioned above, it is equally important to consult the doctor before consuming any herbal medicines and let them know about the family history of endocrine problems or other diseases. Dietary interventions are essential when caring for patients with endocrine disorders. This is because foodstuffs containing atherogenic, carcinogenic, obesogenic, toxigenic and inflammatory compounds can interfere with the already flawed or deformed hormonal system. This is because they can exacerbate or attenuate the pathogenesis of the existing disorder. Consult the best endocrinologist in India online at SeekMed, which allows you to seek an expert medical second opinion, first opinion and follow-ups with award-winning doctors. Explore affordable treatment options and improve your endocrine health with the best endocrinologist in India.


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