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The Caribbean is a good choice for students aspiring to study medicine offshore. In the last few decades, the Caribbean has gained popularity among students with low scores in the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). The Caribbean is the most preferred study destination for a large chunk of students from the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom. Well equipped with the latest facilities and seasoned tutors, the Caribbean has around 60 medical schools that provide lifelong skills and knowledge to students.

After knowing about a lifetime benefit, you must be wondering about the Caribbean medical school cost. So, we will provide you an insight into the cost of pursuing medicine in the world-class medical schools in the Caribbean.

What is the cost of pursuing a medicine course in Caribbean medical schools?

Getting into a medical school is a challenging task as you have to consider many factors before enrolling in the program. Medical course cost is one such factor that might hinder your studies. Surprisingly, tuition and fees of medical programs in the Caribbean’s top medical schools are worth every penny.

Earning a medical degree from medical schools in the Caribbean is the best way to invest in yourself for a better tomorrow. Basic amenities, fully equipped infrastructure and a cutting-edge academic curriculum in line with the modern medical standard are the best return on investment for a bright career ahead.

So, let’s talk about the estimated cost incurred while studying a medical program in the Caribbean. Notably, students are required to pay tuition and fees on a semester basis. Moreover, studying in some leading medical schools on the Caribbean islands costs around USD 16,075 tuition per semester for Basic Sciences and similarly, enrolling in a clinical sciences program costs approximately USD 20,650 tuition per semester. Besides this, students are also required to pay some miscellaneous fees or charges that include malpractice insurance, health insurance, national board fee, graduation fee, information technology fee or administration fee. Notably, tuition and additional costs are subject to change.

Apart from this, several financial aids and scholarships are available for aspiring medical students. U.S. Academic Scholarship, Canadian Scholarship Programs and Cayman Islands Scholarship are among some prominent scholarship programs offered to international and local medical aspirants. Additionally, these top medical schools also have a refund policy for those students who have enrolled in some medical program and later changed their minds.

Furthermore, medical applicants have to submit tuition fees and other additional charges upon registration in the Basic Science program. Likewise, tuition and other fees for aspiring Clinical Science students are due prior to registration or a month before the commencement of the clinical rotation. However, non-payment by the first day of the program can lead to the cancellation of a student’s registration.

Most offshore schools provide internationally recognized programs that make you eligible to practice residency in the United States or Canada. These medical schools also prepare students for the USMLE Step 1. So, invest in your future by enrolling in medical programs in the Caribbean right away!

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