Top reasons to study Digital Marketing in 2021


Digital marketing has become quite the buzzword and has evolved dramatically in recent years with the advent of internet and social media. Digital marketing involves using marketing techniques on the web to promote a certain product or service to the customers as well as well as attracting potential customers. While traditional marketing can be slow and a one-way process, digital marketing allows customers to engage directly with businesses.

Little marketing has become absolutely vital today for all sorts of businesses. It’s the easiest and fastest way to sell or promote your business all over the world. Are you keen to explore a career as a Digital marketer? Premier institutes are offering digital marketing courses in Singapore. Read on to learn why you should Digital marketing in 2021.

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field arena and a digital marketer has to keep them updated by learning multiple tools and techniques to come out with successful digital marketing strategies.

career opportunities in the field of digital marketing

The following are some digital marketing skills and job profiles:

Every day Google searches 60,000 queries every second. With the help of search engine optimization your business or your product can rank higher up in the search engines by the use of keywords, good content, keyword optimization as well as SEM. Search engine marketing is a marketing technique where digital advertising is done to increase visibility within the search engines. SEO and SEM techniques are combined and applied together to gain traction.

What are the most popular jobs, social media marketing or digital marketer? Facebook has 2 billion users monthly while other platforms also have billions of users from across the globe. These platforms are absolute gold for businesses to attract a wide range of customers. Social media marketing usually involves using images, videos, content, tags, hashtags, collaboration with influencers, podcasts, live videos, chat bots et cetera.

Also be a content marketer who is responsible for creation of content that is chiefly used for promoting business and services to the audience. Good content is key in establishing trust among the users. When user experience is good, attracting new visitors inadvertently becomes easier. Content marketing includes everything from a blog, an outreach post, a YouTube video or an IGTV video. Digital marketers create, plan, and promote the content for their brands. Digital marketers are also responsible in identifying customer demographics, most active time of the users, as well as which social media platform is working best for them. Content marketing is very popular in business B2B marketers and requires a lot of creativity.

You can also be an email marketer where companies will need you to do inbound marketing. In email marketing emails are directly sent to customers as a marketing method mostly in the form of newsletters.

Ever evolving marketing technique and has high demand for social media marketing. According to a report 69% companies are going to hire more marketers in future. You should definitely consider digital marketing because the digital economy is growing 10 times faster than traditional marketing. And with so many avenues falling under digital marketing, you can pick which area suits you best.


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