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India has many beautiful traditions and cultures. Celebrations of festivals is a significant part of that. Our colorful festivals define our culture and our instinct to be together with our loved ones. Each and every occasion for us is only meaningful when we celebrate with our loved ones. And that is how we find a unique way to grow our relationships stronger and deeper day by day. Karva Chauth is one of such auspicious occasion that signifies the eternal bonding of marriage. On this day, a wife worships the almighty and keeps fast for her husband’s long and healthy life. She does it with ultimate faith in the God and Goddesses while her husband shows his love and admiration for his wife for the limitless care and dedication she possesses for their happy married life. These days, husbands also share the part of fasting with their beloved wives to show they are equally concerned for each other’s long and happy lives. Apart from all the exchanging of hearty wishes, husband and wife wish each other with gifts too. Karva Chauth gift from husband means a lot for the wife in return of all her efforts and affection. She aspires to be pampered and surprised by her husband as she deserves it more than anything! So, if you are new to all these marital traditions, or confused to pick a perfect Karva Chauth gift for your wife, then let us help you with this blog! Here is a list of some trending gift ideas for this holy occasion to shower love on your life partner:

1000 red rose basket: A love story starts with a rose. So, how about defining your love with 1000 bright red roses in a cane basket? You can order such a grandeur of floral gift from the most popular flower retailer MyFlowerApp.Com online flower delivery and have it delivered at your home anytime you want. Surprise your lovely lady with such a magnificent gift and win her heart forever!

Make up kit: If you want to pamper your lady luck, what else can be better than a make up kit? Has she ever given you a hint on what she wants in from her makeup essentials? A lipstick, a mascara, or a kit of pedicure or manicure? Well, no matter if she has or not, you can always impress a woman with something colorful and beautifier products because they love to look good for you. So buy a hamper of makeup kit or manicure kit. Pick her favourite brand or even a higher branded product so that you won’t have to exchange it further!

Hand Bag: Handbag is one of the most favourite accessories of a woman. It defines her personality and carries her elegance too! A good hand bag can reflect a lot about the one who carries it. So, purchase a good handbag for your lady and you will certainly see her smiling at it.

Perfume: Perfume gives you a lot of things, apart from just its fragrance. It is that invisible accessory which makes you visible the most. If you are wearing a good perfume, you will feel good and confident.

A gift of Silk: Silk owns a special place in every woman’s heart. Be it a scarf, a saree, or a dress, silk can bring them an unending joy. Silk represents elegance in the prettiest way. So, buy a gift of silk this time to enhance the elegance of your beautiful lady. Let her embrace her beauty with a silk saree or a traditional silk kurta.

Jewelry: Diamonds are women’s first friend. So can be gold. Buy a piece of necklace or a pendant; and she is all over you! The best way to impress a woman is through a gift of jewelry.

Soft toy, Flower Bouquet, Chocolates and Greeting card: Sometimes, a gift doesn’t need to be expensive but the way you present it should be great. A combination of all the cutest and beautiful things together like, soft toy, a bouquet of rose or lilies, a pack of chocolates, and a greeting card where you can write down the feelings your heart carries for her; this can be the best of all gifts! You can easily find such great gift combo online on the website of MyFlowerApp.Com.


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