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How Do ERP Solutions Support Change Management?

Businesses are evolving at an unprecedented pace, and the impact of this change is very evident when we look at the current work environments. Augmented digitization is transforming business processes and strategies as businesses strive to boost the efficiency and productivity of their employees.  The easy way to deal with and manage this change is […]

Fantastic Benefits of Scrum Master Certification

Scrum is a simple framework that emphasises teamwork, communications and speed across complex projects. It allows teams to self-organise and make changes quickly, in line with agile principles.It’s a popular methodology that is used across the globe by SMEs and multinationals alike; companies like Spotify, Microsoft and Ericsson all employ Scrum. Whether you’re new to Scrum, or are […]

Does the marketing industry need the support of influencer marketing?

While industry innovators are actively cooperating with nano influencers, not all companies have completely realized the benefits of partnering with micro-influencers. It is now often assumed that having a large number of followers equates to having a real effect on people. These are influencers with fewer than 10,000 followers who specialize in a narrow topic […]

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