Fantastic Benefits of Scrum Master Certification


Scrum is a simple framework that emphasises teamwork, communications and speed across complex projects. It allows teams to self-organise and make changes quickly, in line with agile principles.It’s a popular methodology that is used across the globe by SMEs and multinationals alike; companies like Spotify, Microsoft and Ericsson all employ Scrum. Whether you’re new to Scrum, or are already an agile expert,

A study of more than 5,400 IT projects found budget overspend often reaches 45% because of project overrun. By becoming an expert in Scrum, you’ll avoid these deficits and improve the chance of completing your projects successfully and on time.

1. Get a solid base of Scrum knowledge

If you haven’t encountered Scrum, achieving the certification will teach you the skills needed to apply it effectively. If your organisation has begun to implement the Scrum methodology and you need to skill-up, achieving Scrum Master training and certification will develop your base of knowledge.

Already experienced with Scrum? Achieving the Scrum Master certification will fill any gaps you might have in your Scrum knowledge. After all, you’ll need to study every aspect of Scrum to pass the certification exam.

2. Change your mindset

Scrum is an agile methodology and to use it effectively you’ll need to get into an agile mindset. The most important ingredient of a self-sustaining and successful agile approach is a team with an agile mindset.

Training and certification will help to ingrain this mindset for yourself and your colleagues. As a team you’ll be able to think in an agile way, leading to less disagreements, better team cohesion and more successful projects.

3. You’ll stay relevant and marketable

Certifications are a fantastic way to market yourself to employers and prove to colleagues and managers that you fully understand a given field.

Scrum Master certification will expand your career opportunities across any organisation that employs agile practices. Certification also shows that you possess an agile mindset and a wealth of Agile knowledge, relevant to every organisation or industry that uses these practices.

4. Scrum Master certification benefits your organisation

Adopting a new methodology is a huge decision for any business because it affects the entire organisation: people, processes, clients and management.

Because of this, it’s important for all stakeholders that you can achieve some real and tangible benefits quickly. With predictable & repeatable release schedules, self-managing teams, Scrum really shines in this respect.

However, a lack of Scrum knowledge may not yield the promising results that management will be pushing for. Without certification and the requisite knowledge gained through the certification process, you may miss the crucial window to get Scrum off the ground within your organisation.

5. Influence your organisation to adopt an Agile methodology

Management will feel more comfortable investing in a Scrum methodology if there are proven agile professionals already among them. A Scrum Master certification shows management that you’re ready to implement the Scrum methodology.

6. Work better with your peers

The Scrum Master certification will have a positive effect when it comes to working with your colleagues. Get certified with those you work with and together you’ll build and reinforce the same vocabulary and base understanding of scrum applicable to your unique business.

Even if you don’t take the same Scrum course as your colleagues, you’ll still benefit. Every Scrum instructor will vary in their style of teaching and what you learn will differ. You may have focused on different aspects of Scrum.

In the end, you’ll be able to pool your knowledge for a more varied understanding of Scrum and the agile methodology.

7. Prove your core Scrum knowledge to peers

Scrum Master Certification proves to your peers that you’ve put in the effort, studied Scrum and learnt to apply it within your organisation.

There’s no need to waste time convincing colleagues you know your stuff – you have the certification to prove it.

8. Join a community of scrum experts

Become a certified Scrum Master and you’ll join a community of recognised Scrum experts committed to continuous improvement and agile methodology. features a global network of Scrum practitioners and trainers. This active community serves as a library of knowledge, a way to find events and a place find (and provide) guidance.

9. Win projects with qualified employees

If you compete to win projects, a team of certified Scrum Masters is a huge bonus. Your potential clients will recognise the value of a team that can both work together and apply Scrum in an effective way.

10. A badge of honour

Certification is a badge of honour that should be worn with pride. Plus, if you’re in management, getting your employees trained and certified proves your investment and commitment to their learning. You’ll get more knowledgeable staff eager to apply their new skills.

As the saying goes, “if you think hiring someone, training them and having them leave is expensive, try hiring them not, training them and having them stay.”

Time to get certified

Become a Professional Scrum Master in just 2-days on Firebrand’s accelerated course. You’ll train at twice the speed and sit your exam during the training – ideal for professionals and teams that need Scrum skills fast.

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