Convert Documents To Different Formats Using These Tools


Converting your office documents to different formats gets easier by the day, thanks to several online tools. These tools help reduce the usual stress of changing document formats – be it word or Excel, to other formats like PDF or PowerPoint.

If you want to maximize your documents, then these tools are sure to help you out. We’ve curated the best tools online to spare you the hassle of trial and error when looking for different tools. Among so many tools online, it’s hard to find the most legit ones like Soda PDF that actually work. Save yourself the hassle and time. Check out these great tools!

1. PDFBear

If you have to convert your PDF to Word document, one application you should use is the PDFBear.

This is an online tool that makes converting your PDF to word documents easy. The steps to getting these done are easy too.

  1. Select the file you want to convert, or you can drag the same file and drop it in the conversion box.
  2. The converter scans through and extracts the needed text marked out in your PDF.
  3. This can take a bit of time. All you need to do at this point is wait patiently until it is done.
  4. In less than no time, your formatted Word document is ready for download and modification.

2. Adobe

This is one popular app known for distinguishing features like converting documents from one format to the other. Adobe is reckoned with inventing PDFs and offers users an interface that enables them to convert a PDF file in less time.

Using this online tool guarantees you an error-free copy of the original document with no problem of alignment, misplaced words, or margin errors. To convert your PDF documents to Word, follow these easy steps:

  1. Navigate to the main page of the online app
  2. Click on the ‘’select’’ button
  3. Allow the tool to begin the conversion process.
  4. After conversion, the document is saved automatically in your desired folder.

Another alternative is to drag and drop the file you would like to convert, in the conversion box. Tap convert and wait for the same process to work out.

Adobe comes with a premium version that has outstanding features added to it. To convert your document using this method;

  1.  Either rotate or split PDF file or
  2. Copy HTML, TXT, and other document formats to PDF.

If you want a flawless converted document, you should opt for this as it has an excellent output.

Some are:

  1. A quick PDF to file Conversion
  2. A drag and Drop Feature that makes for ease in document selection
  3. Split and Rotate PDF format
  4. A feature that lets you copy HTML, TXT, or other formats to PDF

3. Smallpdf

Another online tool to use in hastening your PDF to document conversion process is the Smallpdf. This tool accords you with an advanced yet simple procedure of converting your file. With the drag and drop feature it possesses, it is a sure way of getting your task done in no time while you await the converted format to be saved.

The result is processed with no compromise to the original quality, that is, you get the exact quality of the original file.

Smallpdf most likely got its name from the function it performs – cloud conversions. It is geared by a lot of servers in the cloud which convert PDF to Word files easily. Safety is guaranteed when using this online tool, as privacy policies are out in place to ensure that documents are secured always.

Smallpdf offers a great interface for document conversion plus an additional cloud conversion, which makes it your sure best for document conversion.

4. Nitro

One of the safest online tools to use in enabling document conversion from a PDF to Word document is Nitro. While most people are skeptical when it comes to uploading their documents on the Internet, Nitro ensures you have peace of mind when carrying out this task.

This is ensured by sending the app straight to your email and not saving it to your system like other online tools. To begin your conversion process;

  1. Upload your file
  2. Select the format output
  3. Input the email address you want to receive the processed document in
  4.  Wait for a while for it to deliver

5. PDF2Go 

The PDF2GO is one conversion tool that offers a wide range of services apart from aiding you to convert your documents. It allows you to use other features.

With PDF2Go, converting your document is quite easy. The following outlined steps are all you need to get started:

  1. Upload the desired file
  2. Make a selection of the file output,
  3. Wait for the end product.

Asides from this, there’s a provision for an OCR to enable edits to the scanned document. It also has a tool that allows for a PDF Split and Merges and compressions.

6. WPS PDF to Word Converter

One online converter tool that allows for ease and speed in conversion is the WPS PDF to Word Conversion. The quality of the original file is preserved, as it replicates the exact fonts and layouts.

Using the free version allows conversion of up to five pages, while the premium costs about $19,99 for many conversions. To start,

  1. Click on the WPS Writer,
  2.  Navigate to the PDF to Word feature
  3. Open the PDF file from your computer to the converted area.
  4. Choose the saved type and saved location – whichever you prefer
  5.  Tap on the “Start” button to convert your PDF file.

7. FreePDFconverter 

If you are interested in a clutter-free online converter, then this is your best bet. With users all over the globe, this app is renowned for being reliable and user-friendly.

This tool provides edits, document splits and has compressing features which also make it rank as the go-to tool for online conversion.

To use this tool,

  1. Click on the FreePDFconverter link
  2. Select the “Choose PDF File” or drag your files into the box.
  3. Wait for a moment for the conversion process to begin.


Working on your documents does not have to be stressful all the time. These online document converting tools can serve as your plug when in need of a faster and reliable way to get your work done

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