6 Warning Sign of Heart Problems to Know About


Life brings us reasons to live. Not only this but comes with its fair share of troubles. Diseases and sufferings are one part of these struggles. At some point in our life, we all suffer from diseases or ailments. 

No matter how serious these become or how well we recover, it is really difficult for anyone to bear with them. No disease or ailment comes suddenly but our body systems start getting affected long before we are diagnosed with a problem. 

Why Warning Signs are Important?

Our body is one of the miracles of nature and has some of the most advanced systems to keep our body working optimally. In case of any disease or ailment, our body issues us some warning signs. Knowing about these signs and symptoms can save you from the emotional and financial burden of diseases in future. 

Heart problems are not an exception to this. I remember once my cousin who was suffering from a suddenly increased heartbeat and extremely low blood pressure went to the best chest specialist in Faisalabad. After a few months, she was diagnosed with a cardiac ailment and thankfully knowing about these warning signs and seeking out help immediately saved her from the problem. 

Warning Signs of Heart Attack

If you are also concerned about your cardiac health or have a family history of cardiac diseases, you must know about these warning signs. Here are some of the prominent signs of heart disease you need to know about. 

1- Chest pain

One of the most common warning signs of a heart attack is sudden chest pain. You may not notice the sudden and short-living chest pain because it can usually go on its own. But do you know that this chest pain can be a silent sign of a heart problem? So, next time make sure you visit your doctor if you experience chest pain.

2- Stomach related problems

Though you might find it surprising, yes suffering from stomach pain and having a burning sensation can be a heart problem warning sign you need to be aware of. Your stomach just lies next to your heart and can also show signs of an upcoming heart problem. Thus, only an expert physician can figure out the right cause behind a troubling stomach and can give you the right advice.

3- Arm and leg pain

Next in the list of early warning signs of a heart attack comes a cramping sensation in your leg and arm. Leg pain can be an indicator of arterial disease. Furthermore, pain in your arm, especially the left arm that travels down your arm length can indicate an upcoming heart attack. So, knowing about these kinds of pain can be of great help and help to prevent a heart attack. 

4- Choking sensation

A choking sensation in our throat alongside many other symptoms can also indicate heart trouble coming your way. If you continue to experience this restricted feeling in your throat you must seek out immediate help from the relevant physician to prevent any major heart problem in future.

5- Irregular heartbeat

One of the very first things that can warn you about your cardiac health is your heartbeat. Your heartbeat can alter due to many things, from stress to any changes in your diet. In case of any changes in your heartbeat, you should be concerned and talk to a physician about this. 

5- Sweating 

Sweating is normal and considered a sign of good physical health. But sweating without any reason or uncontrolled sweating might be due to a heart problem. 

6- Physical exhaustion

Your heart works hard to ensure proper oxygen and food supply to your every body cell. When your heart doesn’t work well, it becomes hard for your body cells to get needed oxygen and nutrients. In this case, you easily become exhausted and feel physically tired. This could be one of the possible indicators of a heart attack you need to be concerned about. 

Bottom Line!

Your heart health is important for all the reasons. To ensure the proper functioning of your body system and live a healthy life you need to be conscious about your heart health. You can start with minor lifestyle changes and keep an eye on warning signs of a troubling heart. This will not only protect your heart health ensure your physical well being.

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