Get to know the PDFelement, the best PDF editing tool this year!


PDF was first introduced 29 years ago, in 1992, by Adobe.The introduction of the PDF took place at a COMDEX trade show.At first glance, PDF format documents are similar to traditional newspaper documents (in paper form).It took several years for PDF to gain more popularity thanks to its feature updates.PDF is one of the mandatory document formats to be used today.Unfortunately, this format also has a few “disadvantages”, one of which is that it is difficult to modify.Not only that, PDF documents are also difficult to create, when compared to other document formats such as Word or Excel.

Without a specialized tool, it’s hard to create and edit PDF files…

If you find it complicated to create and edit PDF files, get to know the Wondershare PDFelement, and change your mind. Most so-called ‘professional’ PDF editors have a reputation for being rich in features, but complicated to use.

However, PDFelement follows a contrary trend, and somehow manages to be easy to use without sacrificing essential productivity features. No experience is required to operate this tool. The interface is very simple, equipped with the main functions that can be accessed easily. Basically, every function can be used without causing a “headache.”

With this PDF editing tool, you can convert your PDFs to Excel, Word, EPUB, PPT, Pages, HTML, RTF and text formats, and create them from images, HTML and text file formats. Imagine you can convert your Word tables into PDF form and then edit them easily. That might have seemed impossible a few years ago but not today thanks to PDFelement.

You can annotate, edit text, create your own PDF forms, and many more…

PDFelement also supports annotation, text editing, form creation, data extraction, password encryption and permission-based restrictions. Furthermore, the Combine in PDF option is exactly that, it allows you to combine multiple PDF documents into one or the other way around, separate a document into multiple separate pages. No more manually rewriting PDF documents. You can combine them just like you would combine multiple Word documents. It is very easy!

But the feature that stands out the most is its uncluttered and easy-to-navigate interface…

This repeats what was described above. But one of PDFelement’s “major strengths” lies in its interface. PDFelement’s home screen displays its basic features – editing, creating, combining, converting and editing PDF forms – in large clickable blocks, so you don’t have to search nested menus to find what you need.

After selecting an option and opening a document, a well-designed toolbar for key functions such as commenting, security and page management is activated. Clicking on any of them opens a second toolbar with options related to that function. The experience is identical across all supported platforms, so you can easily switch from working on one platform to another.

As for actual PDF editing, you can modify PDFs directly by adding images, cropping, watermarking, adding links, changing background and editing text. Pour your creativity into your PDF documents. PDFelement allows you to do just that.

You also have the option of doing it inline or within a paragraph bounding box…

Annotation options include text highlighting, notes, stamps, signatures, and freehand drawing, and there are a wide variety of customizations using colors, fonts, and other elements for most of these options. If you need to compile data from PDF forms for spreadsheet analysis, you know what a challenge it can be, with extensive copying or rekeying, which has the potential to introduce errors.

PDFelement’s data extraction feature automatically does this for you and saves it to your choice of .CSV or Excel file with surprising accuracy. Even basic editing needs seem more friction-free in PDFelement. Reordering multipage PDFs is as simple as selecting a page and dragging it to a new location. And form creation is simplified by simply dragging and dropping elements like radio buttons and list boxes onto the page.

OCR function: Something you will definitely love…

From the user’s point of view, this tool is quite complete and easy to use, but Wondershare went one step further by introducing the optional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) plugin. This addition adds more value to the software, simply because you can scan a document and make it editable, while maintaining the original format and layout. OCR also supports text conversion in multiple languages ​​such as English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Romanian, Greek, among others. Overall, this OCR feature supports more than 20 different languages. That means more documents you can work with. If you are an academic who often draws from overseas sources, PDFelement’s OCR feature can be very helpful and save you a lot of time.

Collaboration just got easier…

PDFelement is not like most ordinary PDF editing tools. This makes collaboration (related to the use of PDF documents) easier than ever. You can highlight, bookmark, and comment on PDF documents that you will share with your colleagues, so they will know what to change.

Share content without worrying about being hacked? That is another advantage…

PDFelement is on a different level compared to other PDF editing tools. This tool gives you the ability to determine if someone can access your document, blacken certain sensitive text sections, and create passwords with 256-bit AES encryption. In a collaboration, you may not be able to share all the information about your document. There are some parts that can be exposed, and other parts that can’t be exposed.

All in all: PDFelement’s interface is easy to navigate and much simpler than the busy office style approach used by many PDF editors. It allows for a smooth workflow for even the most advanced business needs. At a fraction of the price of most other professional-grade PDF editors, it’s one of the most attractive alternatives to Acrobat.

You can try the software for free with some feature restrictions. Mobile versions for Android and iOS. Negative point? It doesn’t have any version for Linux yet (only Window and macOS). But this can very well be solved using Wine. You can find an exclusive price HERE. Give it a try!

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