Ken Julian Sheds Light on Skincare Routine for Men

All men should be proactive about taking care about taking good care of their skin. A skincare regime is way more than simply washing the face in the morning or while taking a shower. Ken Julian points out that a good skincare regime must be designed to keep the skin healthy and in the best shape possible. With every passing day, an increasing number of men have become aware with the importance of taking care of the largest organ of their body and are pursuing healthier, younger-looking skin. This, however, cannot be done without dedicatedly pursuing a skincare routine that actually works.

A lot of individuals love to jump into a nice hot shower and stay there for a long time, especially during the winter months. But this can ultimately harm the skin. Ken Julian underlines that bathing in hot water for a long period of time may dry out their skin too much, making it itchy, scaly, and flaky.  This happens due to the fact that hot water ends up stripping away the natural oils present in the skin. Hence, guys should use lukewarm water instead of hot while taking a bath. If they do feel like taking a hot shower, then it should be kept under five minutes.

The second thing guys should put emphasis on is using a moisturizer. This skincare product ideally traps water close to the dermis, making the skin more radiant. This extra moisture can help reduce wrinkles as well, and eases the effects of dry skin. Men having chapped, patchy, flaky skin must especially use a moisturizer to improve their skin texture. The right type of moisturizer can even help with certain inflammatory skin problems like eczema. Moisturizing creams often act as a middle ground between oily ointments like watery lotions and petroleum jelly. While certain general face creams do work well as moisturizers, at times their stabilizers can cause allergic reactions. Hence, it is always better to first test them out.  If a person is trying out a new cream, then they should first try and test a small amount about the size of a pea on their elbow or wrist, and keep it as it is for a few hours. If they do not feel any pain or itching or notice a rash or any redness later on, then it can be understood that the moisturizer is safe for use.

Ken Julian also stresses upon the fact that while many guys think that anything that lathers and cleans the face properly can be used to cleanse the face, so is not the case. While a normal soap does help in removing dirt and oil from the skin, it can often leave the skin feeling a bit too dry. If a person has quite sensitive skin then using soap can aggravate things even more. Hence, it is always better to use a facial cleanser instead.


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