4 Easy to Learn Vape Tricks for Beginners


Whether you’re vaping to quit smoking, or you just enjoy the flavor of your favorite e-liquid, there’s a lot more to vaping than meets to eye.

If you’ve ever hung around a smoke shop, you’ve undoubtedly seen experts pull off all sorts of cool tricks. But wouldn’t it be cool if you could do them, too?

Don’t worry, most vape tricks are easier than you’d think. Keep reading as we break down four of our favorite vape tricks for beginners!

  1. The O Ring

Let’s kick things off with a certified classic! This is the easiest of the beginner vape tricks on this list, so rest assured, if you can’t master anything else, you’ll have this one down.

Despite its ease, though, it looks impressive when done well.

Start by inhaling some of your favorite vape liquid. Make sure it’s a deep hit for maximum effect.

Then, position your lips to form a circle. For bigger rings, you’ll want to make a bigger circle.

In a slow, measured manner, exhale as though you’re gently coughing.

  1. Liquid Mist

Who doesn’t love the classic party trick of dry ice in a bowl? Believe it or not, you can get a similar effect via vaping.

To pull off the liquid mist, you’ll need a cold drink in a glass. After taking a hit from your vape rig, place your lips on the cool glass. Slowly exhale the vapor out and watch as it spreads, creating a cooling, misting effect.

You can inhale the vapor, too, which when done well, looks quite cool.

  1. The Dragon

In this fun and easy vaping trick, you’ll blow vapor from each nostril, as well as the sides of your mouth.

After taking a hit, simply exhale through your nostrils and the sides of your mouth at the same time. Like with rings, it’s all about mouth positioning.

If you can’t quite seem to get it down, keep at it and don’t feel bad. It’s surprisingly difficult to angle your mouth in such a way that the center of your mouth is closed while the sides are open. Stick with it, though!

To make sure you get enough vapor, you’ll also want a coil with low resistance. The lower the resistance, the more vapor you’ll get. Here’s a quick guide to help you find the right rig and ohm settings.

  1. The Ghost

If you’ve ever seen someone suck up vapor after an exhale, you know how cool it looks. And with a few tips, you’ll be able to pull it off, too!

After taking a deep hit, let the vapor fill your mouth. This part is important — don’t inhale!

Next, give a slow exhale. The vapor should come out and start spreading. Now, quickly jut your neck forward and inhale in a rapid motion.

This trick is great because, aside from looking cool, it allows you to better enjoy the taste of your favorite juice. If you’re looking for something sweet, we suggest the enigmatic flavour of something like a blue raspberry concentrate.

Master These Vape Tricks

While these vape tricks are great for enthusiasts of any level, they will take some practice to master. Stick with it and you’re sure to impress all of your friends!

And don’t forget, we have tons of other articles about vaping. Make sure to check out our blog for even more great content!


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