Best Warm Winter Desserts to Cuddle With


The season of cuddling, being cosy and eating delicious desserts is here! If you really want to enjoy the winter, then forget about diet foods. Because nuts, pies, hot chocolate, cookies, puddings, etc. will make you drool over. Warm-up on a cold winter day with one of these sweet and gourmet dishes. From chocolate to desi winter dishes and everything in between, these sweets are the best excuse to stay indoors this winter.

Gajar Ka Halwa

Like we all say ‘Gajar ka halwa’ season is here! Nothing makes a cosy cold winter evening better than gajar ka halwa. There is literally nobody who doesn’t like gajar ka halwa. It has got millions of fans across the world. With khoya and being studded with dry-fruits, this winter dessert is simply yum!

Blueberry tart

Blueberry tart is one of the easiest recipes for winters and a complete showstopper for a winter dinner. Serve it with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream and watch your guests’ faces light up with joy.

Chocolate Lava Cake

Ah! What bliss! A vicious, delicious hot chocolate lava cake is probably the best thing to enjoy during the winter season. Cut it open and let all the deliciousness come out. Enjoy the delicious taste every winter night.

Coffee Cake

Well, this cake is undoubtedly a pleasure for winter. Caffeine has its benefits, and all coffee lovers know it. So, when this caffeine combination is mixed with the appropriate ingredients, a soft, moist, fluffy and delicious, yet sugar-free, high-protein, low-carb, and gluten-free cake is baked. Woosh! There are many reasons for you to try this cake.

Gulab Jamun 

Gulab Jamun is one of the in-demand desserts of all time and no one can ever say no to it? Still, there’s nothing special about piping hot gulab berries on a cold night, there isn’t! While Gulab Jamuns are traditionally made with khoya, gulab jamuns are a favorite of all time!

Plum cake

A traditional Christmas dessert, this nut and fruit cake has all the flavours of a Christmas celebration. Since plum cakes contain rum or brandy, they keep you cosy and warm from freezing cold.


Replaced as a nutritional supplement with almost everything, Panjiri happily reminds us of a warm winter afternoon. Originated in Punjab, Panjiri has made it’s mark in the entire north with its delicious taste. It is made with whole wheat flour. It is fried in ghee and garnished with dry fruits. This dynamic winter favourite can go after an evening meal as an evening breakfast or dessert, or with a hot cup of milk just before bed.

Moong Dal Halwa

The best rendition of moong dal, if taken in the right amount, is an ideal winter dessert. This delicious dessert keeps you warm during harsh winters, but it is also important to keep an eye on one’s consumption. In my place, moong dal pudding is made as an offering to God during most of the winter festivals.

Almond milk

In winter, you should include the most common drink. As the name suggests, this hot drink will make you pee in the winter. It is made from dry fruits, especially almonds, milk, sugar, saffron and green cardamom. It is decorated with many other dry fruits.

Choco Walnut Cake

Eating dark chocolate in winter is good for the heart and keeps diseases away. It has a moist texture, does not taste very sweet, is just luscious! If you are a chocolate lover, then you should try this cake in winter. And if you are celebrating any occasion or simply craving something chocolaty then avail online chocolate cake delivery to wherever you reside and enjoy the delicious taste on a cosy winter night.

Bon appetite!

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