Wisdom Teeth Surgery: Immediate Post Operative Care Sault Ste. Marie Michigan


The Operation

The surgery takes place at the chamber of the dentist and not in a hospital. Your dentist is going to review the general state of your oral health and accordingly will recommend a procedure. Hence, you will have a comprehensive understanding of what is actually being done and be at ease without any unprecedented apprehension. At the Immediate Post Operative Care Sault Ste. Marie Michigan you will be provided with the appropriate guidelines concerning your diet, medication, rest and recovery period.  

Generally, local anesthesia is administered by the dentist to extract the wisdom teeth. In this process, the dentist is going to make a small incision in the gum tissues covering the root of the wisdom teeth.  It may also be necessary to operate out some bone for creating space to extract out the tooth. To ensure a comprehensive recovery, the dentist will stitch the gum so that it heals.

Post-Operative healing

Post Operative Care Sault Ste. Marie will commence the healing process immediately after the surgery.  Your tooth socket will have a rush of blood to nourish it. The bleeding can be controlled just by applying simple pressure with a gauze piece so that the blood clots down in the socket.  Within a couple of days, soft tissues will begin to fill the socket supported by the blood clot. Concurrently, the bone that surrounds the socket will start to grow and fill the socket completely.

During the healing process, you need to stringently follow the guideline as given by your dentist to avoid complications and facilitate faster healing.  Yes, you may feel discomfort as your mouth heals, but if you adhere to the recommendation of your dentist, you can keep it to a minimum. However, if you are troubled by excessive bleeding, pain, and swelling that persists or catch a fever and experience side effects from medications, then you should immediately consult your dentist.  It is important that you schedule a follow-up examination to ensure that the socket has healed properly and your mouth has restored a healthy state.

Post-Operative Care

Never hesitate to call your dentist if you experience persistent pain swelling or bleeding. Following the extraction, the first six to eight hours are crucial postoperative therapy Michigan will ensure that utmost care is taken to prevent any kind of complications.

You may be able to sense some fragments of your bone with your tongue. In reality, these are the edges of your tooth socket, which will start to disappear as your gum starts to heal. Pre and post-operative care Sault Ste. Marie will do the needful to ensure that stitches are taken care of.  After seven to ten days, they will be removed. However, if dissolvable stitches are used, they will disappear on their own.

In the initial days following the tooth surgery, a soft diet will be recommended. Once all the jaw stiffness is removed and it becomes flexible, you can resume a normal diet.


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