Is It Possible to Merge Instagram Accounts – How and Why Is It Important?


People run both business and personal Instagram accounts in order to gain fame on the social media platform. It is very popular for businesses or general users to have more than one Instagram profiles. To merge two or more together without losing any followers can be very important. You cannot possibly combine followers from two different accounts into one but with updates, you can now merge up to 4 in one app.

Instagram has made it very easy to manage merged accounts from one device. There are also more than one ways of doing this and multiple reasons why you would want to do it as well.

Why Merge Instagram Accounts Together?

Often, people have one personal account and another blog or business account that need to be maintained simultaneously. More than 2 accounts are a commonality as well. When you have more than one separate Instagram accounts on which you post regular content, it is important to have them merged in one app.

As Instagram is a mobile run platform, there will almost certainly be one app in each smartphone. Instead of getting more than one mobile devices, merging more than one accounts together is a much more feasible option.

How to Merge Instagram Accounts? Read below to find out the options that you have to achieve this task:

Merge Accounts from the Instagram App

Not so long ago, Instagram only allowed for one account to be logged in the app at one time. However, now, you have the option to add up to 4 accounts merging them perfectly. When you have the app installed on your Smartphone, tapping on the profile tab, which is the right most from the bottom, you see your Instagram profile. Here. On the top left corner, there is a tab with your login name and a drop down menu on it.

Tapping on the drop down, you will see the option to add another Instagram account. This way, you can add up too 4 accounts at one time in one app. This will efficiently merge up to 4 accounts in one Instagram app on any given IOS or Android device. Interface on both platforms is pretty similar.

Switch Easily Between Merged Accounts

Having added up to 4 accounts in your profile, you can now switch between any of them very easily.  Simply come back to the profile section and click on the same dropdown menu. Here you will see profile pictures and usernames for all logged in accounts. Just easily tap on any profile account that you want to log in without having to log out of the one currently in use.

Also, if you ever have to log out of any logged in account, sing in details for all 4 will be saved in the app as well. When signing in again, you can easily tap on any account and have it logged back in quickly. With this, you can manage up to 4 Instagram accounts at one time. Can You Merge Instagram Accounts gets answered with this implementation to the most efficient result.

Shift Your Followers Over

In some situations, both business and personal accounts can be required to be shifted to a new one. This is actually much more time taking and possibly problematic than switching between two accounts. When you can have the switch option, it is highly recommended you go for that instead.

However, when you do have to shift to a new account, careful management can still provide you most of your followers. Simply post stories or posts directing your followers to the new account. You will lose some portion of your audience and followers with this, but can still save a huge chunk of them. You can also offer rewards like profile mentions for you followers who do decide to make the journey to your new account.

Avoid Deceptive Software Programs

There are some deceptive programs that tell you stories about how to Merge Two Instagram Accounts. Where most of them just simply doesn’t work, ones that do also come with many caveats. There simply is no option available from Instagram allowing you to have more than one account followers combined into one. Any app that promises to do that either uses foul means or doesn’t simply work at all.

You are simply better off merging accounts into one app and switching between the two whenever the need be. It goes for business accounts as well. Instagram allows more than one business accounts to be logged in one device app at one time. Switching between the two and managing them at all levels is simply a great option. As long as you make sure to not mix posts from more than one account, you should be good to go for each of them. You will have the option to also log out of any one account or all of them from the settings menu on both IOS and Android as well.

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