Why Many Knee Surgery Patients Are Turning To ROMTech


ROMTech, a telemedicine-connected therapy tool company that helps expedite knee surgery recovery, continues to grow in popularity. Being able to safely rehabilitate a knee at home can prove to be perfect for surgical recovery. Using technology built for anyone to navigate without relying on available help matters. Is ROMTech the future of recovery for compromised knees everywhere? Many believe this is one of the truly revolutionary medical devices in the industry. 

ROMTech: What Is It?

ROMTech is a company that produces rehab devices for any individual bouncing back from orthopedic surgery. With ROMTech, their goal is to utilize telemedicine as much as possible to provide easy and affordable home solutions. This setup is more affordable and convenient than making patients go to traditional physical therapy sessions.

What Does ROMTech Provide?

ROMTech provides rehabilitation devices that are affordable for knee surgery patients needing to recover as quickly as possible. With any type of knee surgery, therapy is the key to getting back to normal. Using a combination of ROMTech devices and traditional physical therapy can be efficient. ROMTech might appear like it works without anyone overseeing the process, but doctors and physical therapists can monitor progress, set goals, and adjust the technology whenever necessary to provide high-quality telemedicine.

Is It Safe For The Knee Post-Surgery?

Jumping on a traditional bike is usually frowned upon by doctors and physical therapists after knee surgery. PortableConnect provides a lot of the same workout that comes from a bike, but far fewer risks. For starters, it’s not as high impact, which can be tough for those using traditional bikes. If an exercise is too high impact, it stops the healing process from working correctly. There’s passive movement with the knee using PortableConnect, as well as active-assisted movements that help. This gives the knee a proper amount of usage to take things up to another level.

It’s important to know that after an operation, many knee surgery patients struggle with walking. The PortableConnect is that bridge between right after surgery, and getting very close to normal. By keeping weight off the knee and only giving it the exercise it needs, the recovery process goes smoothly. The best part is, pedaling happens on a patient’s own time instead of relying on available appointments at a physical therapy location.

How Beneficial is the PortableConnect During Recovery?

Muscles operating a knee become weak right after surgery. They need to be built back up to handle daily knee usage the right way. PortableConnect helps with the recovery process, improving range of motion and reducing that nightly pain and swelling after exercise.

Like anything, it’s a process during recovery. PortableConnect adapts to where an individual is when they are going through the recovery process. Even doing a few easier motions with the assistance of technology reduces pain and limits swelling in the area. This will increase blood flow, and make the knee stronger and stronger. Keeping up with daily activity will cut down on scar tissue buildup, which only helps with better motion with the knee in the future.

ROMTech: Must More Than Just a Stationary Bike

At first glance, patients might not know that much of a difference between what ROMTech provides, and a traditional stationary bike. While there are some similarities, ROMTech has taken time to specifically design what they offer to help knee surgery patients in a whole new way.

For starters, no traditional stationary bike can connect with doctors and physical therapists to track progress. This is a key part of the recovery process, and ROMTech uses AccuAngle to get the job done. This tracking device goes right on a patient’s knee, providing all the data necessary to allow physicians to see where the patient stands. Only when a patient is showing improvement is it necessary to increase the workload during physical therapy.

There’s an entire portal available using a ROMTech device that is constantly sharing progress. Along with the pedaling, all other forms of at-home exercise are tracked as well. Since patients know about the monitoring, there’s no opportunity to skip exercise and not put in the work necessary.

Simply put, it might just seem like a stationary bike, but there’s so much more to it. Everything steers towards efficient recovery, and the smart device puts a patient in the best situation possible to have a healthy, properly working knee once again.

What Difference Does ROMTech Make With Recovery Time?

Studies show that ROMTech users can speed up the recovery process by as much as 50% just by using the technology a few times a day. That means in just a couple weeks, patients can get close to full range of motion, which is more than three times faster than patients relying only on physical therapy in the traditional sense only.

As more and more people turn to at-home therapy, ROMTech makes sense. There’s no longer a need to rely on physical therapy in the more traditional sense with how busy everyone’s schedule is. Ask about ROMTech when having an initial consultation with a surgeon.


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