What Would Be The Strategy To Prepare For The BPSC CDPO Exam?


Bihar Public Service Commission CDPO (Child Development Officer) exam is conducted every year and attracts a lot of applicants for the available vacancies. Since there is a tough competition, candidates need to be aware of the exact syllabus to plan out their strategies for the exam. This can help them complete all the topics on time and revise them to attempt the questions in the exam confidently. Let us see some strategies that can help the BPSC CDPO exam aspirants in the following sections.

The BPSC CDPO exam was supposed to be held on 31 October 2021, however, it has been postponed. To help you in preparing for the BPSC CDPO 2021 exam, we have shared the BPSC CDPO preparation strategy to help you achieve success in the exam.

Strategies To Prepare For The BPSC CDPO exam:

BPSC CDPO exam has three stages, all of which have a different pattern. Hence, candidates need to be thoroughly aware of the topics that need to be covered for each stage.

Here are some of the tips from experts after thorough research to excel in the exam:

  1. BPSC CDPO Preliminary exam:

This exam includes a pattern with multiple-choice questions. Candidates can expect 150 questions, each of equal marks. Subjects to focus on in this section include general knowledge.

You can follow the following tips for clearing this stage of the exam:

  • Go through the newspapers:

This should be developed into a habit, as it impacts comprehension and reading skills. Besides this, it helps a candidate remain up to date with all the important events happening around.

  • Download sample question papers:

This is needed for practising different types of questions. The more they practice, the better will be their accuracy and speed during the exam.

  • Going through the reference books:

No matter how many online resources are referred for preparing for the BPSC CDPO exam, it is crucial not to forget the books. These help in understanding the concepts in a better way and in the creation of the notes to be referred to during revision. Different books help in completely covering all the topics in the syllabus.

  1. BPSC CDPO Mains exam:

This stage of the exam includes General Studies, General Hindi,  and an elective paper. Psychology, sociology,  home science, Labour, and Social Welfare are the different options from which candidates can select an elective.

Some tips to succeed in the main exams are:

  • Weightage of different topics:

Knowing this helps in understanding which topics to focus on for scoring better.

  • Use memorisation techniques:

Take teachers’ help or various educational websites to learn memorization techniques such as flashcards, mind maps, mnemonics, and others. These tools can help in remembering the facts and figures.

  • Check previous year question papers:

This is a great way of learning the exam pattern and practising the questions for better performance in the exam. Also, attending questions of different types helps candidates know the topics they lag behind and hence focus on them.

  • Focus on enhancing Hindi vocabulary:

Reading the Hindi newspapers, books and even listening to Hindi news channels can enhance the vocabulary and understanding of the language.

  1. Interview:

This is the third and final stage of the BPSC CDPO exam. Its result determines the selection or rejection of a candidate. Some tips to excel in this stage are explained below:

  1. Presenting oneself confidently:

Candidates must confidently answer the questions asked by the panel, as this creates a positive impression.

  1. Checking books for interviews:

Going through books meant for interviews levels up the preparation by helping candidates learn different techniques and body language for creating a strong impression on the interviewers.

  1. Answers should be concise and impactful:

Beating around the bush is a big no in the interview, as it creates a negative impression. So one has to answer directly to the point.

  1. Be prepared with the subject knowledge:

Candidates should have thorough subject knowledge, not to leave any questions unanswered in the BPSC CDPO interview.

Candidates aspiring to appear for the BPSC CDPO exam should check the official website to get the latest notification, syllabus, and other details. While preparing for the exam, it is crucial to rely on reputable books and trustworthy online resources like BYJU’S Exam Prep app and website. These not just help in covering the resource but also get the practice sets for enhancing efficiency. This helps get a better score in each phase, which increases the chances of selection in the test despite the tough competition.

Generally, it takes six months for thorough preparation. Still, with the right resources like BYJU’S Exam Prep app and website, one can develop the best strategies to complete the preparation even in 3 months.


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