Which Kurti to wear in jeans?


Kurtis for women is an extremely crucial wardrobe essential that everyone is well equipped with. Due to the immense comfort this outfit provides to women, they mostly prefer wearing a Kurti in all domains of life. Easy to carry and with many designs one can get a plethora of options when we particularly talk about this outfit. An Indian traditional outfit that is now widely known by people across the globe.

The fashion industry has evolved over the years. Innovations are now an everyday thing in this field because of how people are coming up with new ideas for clothing. Numerous influencers in social media are putting in their best efforts to bring such ideas in front of the masses so that new ways of dressing get accepted. This way, one can now pair a Kurti with jeans as well.

A Kurti for girls, be it short or long, can be well-matched with your favourite pair of jeans. The look imparted by this outfit is gorgeous and gives a complete bohemian vibe. It is for that matter, a thing for all college-going students, to wear a Kurti along with jeans. This is almost like a style statement for a lot of people out there. Therefore, to inculcate this trend into your life, it is important to be aware of the types of Kurtis one can have in their wardrobes.

Let’s take a glance through the list of Kurtis one should surely purchase to pair with jeans, which is as follows:

  • Short cotton Kurti: Short Kurtis are widely worn by people because it is easy to wear and gives out a very smart look. This can be well-paired with blue, black, or even white jeans depending on the colour of the garment.
  • Buttoned Kurti: This particular type of Kurti can also be paired nicely with a pair of jeans. The garment has buttons starting from the collar to the end of the garment. Looks extremely cool when styled for a casual outing.
  • Denim Kurti: Though similar, denim jeans for women with denim short Kurti would look fabulous if one knows how to carry it well. Pair it with sneakers or slippers and you are good to go.
  • Front-slit Kurti: These are the latest in the trends of Kurti fashion. The Kurtis has a long slit in front, giving the outfit a style like no other outfit. Pairing it with jeans spectacle your style statement.
  • Sheer Short Kurti: A Kurti for ladies that comes in the sheer pattern, is highly in the trend right now. One can wear it with any coloured jeans and slay the look amazingly.
  • Printed Long Kurti: A long Kurti can never go out of style. The printed ones are almost like regular clothes for a lot of people out there. With massive options on various designs in long Kurtis, keeping a separate area in your wardrobes for this collection is necessary.
  • Jacket Kurti: Hugely in the trends, this particular type is like a jacket and can be worn as a shrug. Pair with jeans and stand out in the crowd with the astounding dressing sense.
  • Key-hole Kurti: This is a special type of design on Kurtis with a small hole in the neck region. The length of Kurti can be both long and short depending on the remarkmart preference of a person.

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