Law Firm- How to Boost Online Visibility in the “New Normal”


Due to the advancement of technology today, digital marketing is taking a lead role in supporting law firms to deliver the best services they can to their clients.

In a recent survey, the first thing people do when searching for an attorney is to head to the internet and type the service they need into search engines (like Google, Yahoo, or Bing) to find a practice that offers solutions to their problems. This begs the question, what factors or elements do search engines need to consider when returning relevant results to users?

One challenge here is that search algorithms frequently change. This means you can’t expect a single digital marketing tool to do all the work to impress search engines, increase your law firm’s visibility, and convert users to clients. Additionally, search engines cannot guarantee that you’ll get any clients. Everything in your website, blogs, and social media accounts needs to help draw in customers and ensure that the best attorney for them is in your law firm.

Here are 10 ways you can improve and boost your law firm’s online visibility during the “new normal” and stay on top of your prospects’ minds.

  1. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making significant changes to your web pages to enhance performance and drive your law firm’s objectives. This technique makes it so search algorithms recognize your site as authentic, valuable, and relevant, making your website rank higher in search engine results pages.

Local SEO Search, a top SEO company in Canada assists law firms by optimizing their website, generating relevant articles, and performing social media tasks so their web pages are more visible. SEO enhances website engagement or traffic which increases the law firm’s chance of appearing at the top of user’s search results.

  1. Web Design

A disorganized and not well-thought-out website can be hard to navigate for visitors. If they can’t find what they’re looking for on your site, chances are, they’ll look for it elsewhere. Your law firm’s website should be professional and user-friendly to convince users that you have what they need and can address their problems.

If you have a number of law services available such as accounting services in Malta or employment law services, you need to design your website so clients can easily navigate each one. This will ultimately keep traffic on your website, reducing bounce rates, and increasing your site’s trustworthiness.

  1. Site Speed

Google acknowledges sites that have faster loading speeds. If your site takes too long to load this can greatly affect user experience and lead to poor search result rankings. Make sure your law firm website takes only 3 seconds to load to please both Google and your visitors.

  1. Legal Directories

Legal directories are where relevant information about your law firm is displayed. It’s like a digitized phonebook of lawyers or legal services. Consumers love it as it gives them what they want in the simplest way possible.

For instance, a law firm with local citations will more likely appear in search results. Search engines take note of the information on third-party sites and cross-reference these with the details on your site to determine if your firm is legit.

  1. Web Content

In addition to generating web content, you need to keep it updated. Regularly publishing to your site and social media pages ensures you get a prominent position the moment users look for legal content online. Not only does it increase the visibility of your website but also drives clients to revisit your pages.

  1. PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are a form of digital marketing where you only get to pay when a user clicks on your online ad. When users search for inquiries in search engines, the ads will be displayed after users hit enter. Every time users click the ads; they get linked to your website which improves traffic.

  1. Landing Pages

Landing pages are a vital tool in marketing your law firm. They are designed to convert users or visitors into clients through calls-to-action. It brings awareness to users through content but without having links or relevant pages. These pages situate clients to see your credibility as a law firm.

  1. Specialization

Another way to improve your online presence is to advertise your niche. Marketing a specific service makes it easier to measure and for clients to find you. When clients look for an attorney, chances are that they know exactly which specialist they’re looking for. This means that when they search for specific services, you’ll be one of the first to show up on their search engine results.

  1. Reviews

Although considered as the least important factor of law firm marketing, reviews remain an excellent strategy for boosting online visibility. Obtaining exceptional reviews from clients and showing them off on your website helps put your law firm on top of search results. It creates additional exposure to your website which essentially drives more clients to visit your website.

Experts of digital marketing in Jacksonville guarantee that first-rate reviews build the credibility of your law business for keeping and attracting more clients.

  1. Social Media

With most people using social media, it’s one of the most powerful ways to dominate your online presence. Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to expand your reach while gathering valuable views from clients.

If done right, these can benefit your law business and boost online visibility.

The “new normal” has given law firms and other businesses a new perspective on marketing and brought on significant transformation in terms of interaction and communication. Make use of the current technology to ensure your firm stands out and stays in this competitive market.

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