What You Should Expect In An Eye Exam

Eye test Perth entails a lot of things. A comprehensive test can take more than an hour but this will depend on the doctor and the complexity of tests performed. Here are some things you may encounter in an eye test.

Visual acuity tests

This is one of the first tests performed and the doctor measures the sharpness of your vision. Your physician may use a projected eye chart to measure the distance of your visual acuity. He may also use a hand-held acuity chart to test the near vision of the patient.

Colour blindness

Your physician may do a screening test to test your colour vision. Your doctor may use this test to determine whether you have any problems related to colour blindness. Colour blindness problems may or may not be hereditary. 

Cover test

Your doctor may perform a cover test when you visit eye test centre Perth. In this test, your doctor may use the cover test to test how your eyes function together. The doctor may ask you to focus on something small in the room and cover each eye at a time while you stare at the object. He may repeat the test as you look at a near object. Your doctor will determine whether the uncovered eye must move to pick up the fixation object.

Eye movements

In this test, you wear a pair of glasses (3D) and look at test patterns. There are four small circles in each pattern and you need to point out the circle that looks closer to you than the other circles. If you pick correctly, you will have an excellent eye teaming.

There are many other tests you may expect from an eye test Perth. The doctor will first ask you some questions to determine the tests that are most suitable for you.

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