Top 6 Tips On How To Get The Look Right With Your Snow White Costume

The popularity of the snow white costume just keeps rising in Australia. Before everyone knows it, Halloween comes around every year. Therefore, this is probably the appropriate time to begin thinking of the perfect ensemble you should wear. This year you must go for a truly classic outfit; snow white. There are 6 things you will require in order to get the look quite right.

  1. The red cape

When you sit down to watch the movie, you will observe that snow white always wore a red cape that’s tied around the neck whenever she went out. Several of the readymade outfits that are sold will have the accessory, but if the one you are buying doesn’t, do not worry as you can always purchase a shiny or red silk fabric to create your own.

  1. Red headband with a bow

You will never see snow white without her red headband with the bow. You can normally get this to buy from any department store or costumes accessory shop. Or if you have decided to create your own cape yourself, then use any material that’s left over to cover just any headband and then tie a bow onto it, but should you happen to be purchasing a new outfit, it’s possible that you will find the accessory included with the set of snow white costume in Australia.

  1. Ruffled petticoat

If you have opted for the sexy, short snow white appearance, then you will certainly need a ruffled petticoat to ensure that your costume stands out. This makes the shirt appear a lot more attractive and makes your costume quite different and it makes it certainly appear quite expensive. Some online stores that sell costumes now offer all these as extras or you can take a look at specialty shops or auction websites. Vintage shops or stores are also among excellent places to look.

  1. White stockings

One mighty no-no is to wear a black panty hose with your costume. If you actually desire getting the look quite right, then it must be a pair of white stockings that you will use. If you happen to have gone for this dress option, then just to add some sexy extra touch, you should attach some kind of red ribbon to the top of your white stockings.

  1. Pair of black shoes

The shoes will certainly make the outfit therefore a pair quality black high heels are somewhat a must for this outfit. The shinier and higher the shoes, the better it is for your look. If you will need a lot of walking, then bring a pair of flat shoes along in the event your feet start hurting.

  1. The red apple

You could either just purchase a red apple-shaped bag or have a red apple.

It is hoped that these 6 tips on how you can get the look right with the snow white costume will help you. If you want additional help including how to get the snow white makeup right, just contact fashion and costume experts for help.

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