What are Mineral nutrients? Use of mineral


Micronutrients are “minerals.” Minerals are substances from the chemical parts of the earth. However, they are but of great interest to all of our bodies. To secure our body’s capacity depends on metals. We do not just require metals for the well-developed osseins. They also need them to stimulate proteins and incorporate other active people in the body. In addition, minerals are necessary for maintaining the water stability in cells and the body and the formation of proteins and hormones. In general, from metabolism, growth, blood forming, and communications between tissues and muscles, all are essential minerals.


Teeth and bones, adequate sleep, heart function, giving “impulse” to tissue and muscle cells, and blood clotting come from? Milk, yogurt, cheese, green herbs, mineral water. Tip: taking too much coffee will help with calcium loss and improve the renal elimination of calcium.


Water balance in the body, nerve and muscle use, belly acid production from anywhere: salt, sausage, egg yolk, bread cheese, nutrition Now, most of us often have extra sodium and seldom lack, wait when we drink too much water. In general, my body has about 1.4 gr sodium / 1kg bodyweight. The 50% found it would be in the bone and the other half is located outside the cell; only a tiny part of the sodium is in the cell. Farther from the cell, I have about 10-14 times more sodium than in the cell. Therefore, it makes the distinction in a density grade that my body needs to live. The levels of sodium should not very much, so the “average range” is very tight. Area 135-145 mol / l only. Buy Fildena helps to improve your physical health and create your new life.


Family of sugar, improving blood lipids, blood pressure, diabetes 2 issues from whole grains, oysters, Brazil nuts, black bread (including full grains), potatoes, tomatoes, seeds, mushrooms … tips: as before mentioned. Anyone with diabetes should increase chrome.


Production of red blood cells and myoglobin, carrier of oxygen and carbon dioxide, hormone metabolism, enzyme activity, stability, heart capacity from red meat, egg yolk, chicken, tuna, oats, full grains, broccoli.

Tips: tiredness, loss of strength, weakened too suddenly in sports, pale skin, or torn lips. All of these events are, in large part, possible because of iron loss. However, do not arbitrarily use the iron complement if not examined by a doctor. Iron poisoning is going to meet their ancestors.


Fresh spirit, suitable for hair + skin + nails, create thyroid hormones, metabolize cholesterol from anywhere: seafood, sea fish and sushi, mango, banana, egg yolk.

Tip: If we do not eat enough iodine, our thyroid organ will increase to get the little residual iodine in the blood to provide enough T3 hormones. T4 for the body. If the thyroid rises too much, it is more likely to get lost in the trachea and throat. As a result, trouble breathing, trouble to eat. You people try to eat some seafood. A little bit of sushi is enough; not much is needed.


Water balance in the body, tissue and tissue function, degeneration of pollutants in the body, protein metabolism, acid/base offset, cardiovascular system. Anywhere to get it: broccoli, veggies, potatoes, dried apricots, bananas, black bread. Tips: Players need more potassium than non-exercisers. Why? When I exercise hard, the cell’s potassium will be crowded out of the cell because I work more. To cut down muscle glycogen during exercise, we also lose more potassium. Like valium, Such as Buy Cenforce 100mg And Vidalista 20 mg increase men’s intimate power. While still working and after being busy, I also lost more potassium in the organs. Potassium is collected together with glycogen in the muscles, so especially when recovering, do not lack potassium. Lack of energy is a sign of a lack of potassium. Eat more vegetables! Before the competition or abuse, the players (losing too much potassium) certainly know this weak heart; the eyes are lazy as if they are about to lose their soul.


Stress control, reduction of iron from the intestinal tract, oxygen reserves to the body, hemoglobin production, parentage of vitamin C, making of antibodies, and colors for hair and skin. Where to get from lobster, mussel, crab, liver (organs), oysters, full grains, chocolate tip: cannot come up. Practically no one needs copper.


Muscle, bone, hair, and proper for stressed people, turning blood sugar into energy, alcoholics, nerve and tissue function, where protein function arises from: oats, full grains, milk and dairy products, green vegetables, fruit tips: Women using birth control pills will spend more magnesium. The more alcoholic brothers will have decreased magnesium intake and will lose magnesium by the kidneys and liver.


Stress management, suitable for memory, good for sleep, good for intimate, metabolic carbs and fat, antioxidants, collagen, good for bones, good for the pancreas. Wherefrom black oats, tea, python, olives, vegetables, full grains, fruit. Who consumes too many sweets and smokes cigarettes and beer Men may have few problems with sperm creation.

Is molybdenum

Stimulating enzymes, metabolizing iron, metabolizing energy from where: red cabbage, brown rice, eggs, potatoes, papaya, and full tip: avoiding molybdenum unusually. Only people with “Morbus Crohn” condition or with chronic enteritis need. Molybdenum is immune to deep roasting.


Energy metabolism, acid/base balance, mind, and nerve action, “blood clotting,” change genetic information in the center from where: milk, fish, meat, oats, almost all food is available. There is a rich protein; there is usually a lot of phosphorus without any deal. “Phosphorus” is a necessary foundation of all life on earth. Use Fildena 150 mg, can help men’s health and get a better mood. Without phosphorus, no organism, no plants, no cells or animals can endure.


Cell breathe, check, no cells, body cell protection, heart function, circulatory system, photography, skin flexibility come from meat, fish, eggs, milk, liver, full grains, peanut. Tip: enough “felt” to stop cancer and cardiovascular disease


Flexibility for blood veins, hair, nails, check teeth, and bones, where flexibility for skin issues from eggs, milk, potatoes, oats, bananas, radish: Women do not want “cellulite” pay respects to the calcium and exercise.


Insulin product, muscle liability, brain function, wound healing, male hormones product, promoting the immune system, metabolic macros, where prostate issues from oysters, eggs, liver, spiraling, meat, mussels.


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