11 Foods That Are Toxic If You Eat Too Much


We naively believe that ubiquitous products simply cannot be harmful. However, the truth is that we all eat vegetables, fruits, and spices that can be deadly for the whole family. The foods listed below in small quantities range from harmless to healthy but become toxic in large quantities. And if you overdo them, then these seemingly harmless products may well send you to the hospital or morgue.

Foods That Become Poisonous When Overdosed

1- Cruciferous Vegetables

The cruciferous family includes nutrient-rich vegetables such as cabbages, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli. These vegetables are often recommended for their high levels of antioxidants and other health benefits. But overuse of leafy greens can have negative results.

Eating too much broccoli or any other cabbage can also lead to hypothyroidism – a lack of thyroid hormones. Nutrition experts say cruciferous vegetables in reasonable amounts provide many health benefits.

The negative effects only happen when people consume them in excessive doses. If a person gets diagnosed with hypothyroidism, doctors immediately warned them to avoid cruciferous vegetables.

2- Tea

Some people get hospitalized after complaining of nausea, body aches, and vomiting. Upon diagnosis, it turned out that they drank too much-iced tea (about 16 cups a day, 240 milliliters each). Important! You can drink no more than four cups of tea a day without harm to your health.

3- Soya Sauce

If you drink more than 900 ml of soy sauce, you can fall into a coma from exceeding the level of salt in the body. This is exactly what happened in 2013 with a 19-year-old guy from Virginia (USA). With too much salt in the blood, the body tries to draw water from all parts of the body, including the brain. And when the brain loses water, it shrinks and may bleed.

4- Alcohol

All of us are aware of the harmful effects of alcohol. But when used in moderation, alcohol can actually be beneficial. It helps for weight loss, maintaining the body’s mass, and circulation of blood. However, if you consume it excessively, such drinks can be deadly. Then only through long-term alcohol treatment you will be able to recover. This might even take years.

5- Mango

The mango tree belongs to the cashew plant family. This family produces drupe-like fruits predominantly. They are characterized by juicy flesh and a literally rocky interior with a seed. Blackberries, cashews, and mangoes – all these fruits can attribute to drupes. Several of the plants in this family produce a toxin called urushiol.

It is a light, sticky substance found in mango peels as well. Most people are not allergic to this compound. But those who do have individual intolerance to urushiol know firsthand about the very unpleasant dermatitis it causes. Many mango lovers get off with only a mild rash and mango itch.

6- Tuna

Tuna contains a large amount of mercury. You cannot measure the level of mercury without special equipment. Since this indicator varies depending on the size and type of fish. Eating a lot of mercury-laden tuna will lead to poisoning. Signs of poisoning include poor coordination, numbness of fingers, tremors, and vision problems.

However, in severe cases, kidney problems, respiratory failure, and even death are possible. Doctors warn about the use of tuna to pregnant women and young children. But if you overdo it in a sushi bar, then everyone else is also at risk.

7- Black Liquorice

It contains a compound called glycyrrhizin. It is dangerous for people over 40, as it leads to a decrease in the level of potassium in the body. As a result, the heart rate becomes disordered, and the blood pressure rises. Heart failure may even occur. Drinking just 57 grams of black licorice daily for two weeks can already cause heart problems.

8- Honey

It’s a little-known fact, but honey is indeed filled with toxins. Honey goes through a pasteurization process after harvesting to eliminate these toxins. But if not done, it is extremely dangerous. One teaspoon of honey can cause nausea. In it, a person suffers from headaches and vomiting. So your favorite honey is not as healthy as you think.

9- Cinnamon

There are two types of cinnamon in stores: fake and real cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon is real, and cassia is fake. Ceylon cinnamon is usually more expensive, so most people prefer the more affordable commodity, cassia. Fake cinnamon has many benefits, but it is also associated with certain health risks.

For example, in its composition, cassia contains a component called coumarin. Small doses of this substance are not dangerous and may even be useful in some sense. But research on coumarin shows that excessive consumption of foods that contain this compound leads to cancer.

10- Red Beans

Few suspect that red beans are harmless only when properly processed. This is practically the key point, as raw red beans can even be deadly. As you know, legumes contain phytohemagglutinin, a natural toxin found in many other plant fruits. The concentration of lectin found in these vegetables is usually not too hazardous to health.

But it is most often present in raw red beans. Soaking and cooking reduce the toxicity of lectin. But in raw vegetables and beans, it is still quite harmful. Even just one handful of undercooked red beans can cause severe food poisoning.

11- Coffee

Coffee improves mood, improves appetite, and instantly makes us more alert – that’s a fact. However, in this case, it is useful to know when to stop. Side effects are usually seen when you drink 8-10 cups of coffee a day. Insomnia, unmotivated anxiety, nausea, irregular heartbeat, muscle tremors, and headaches appear.


Some foods are good for health only when used in moderation. However, people get excited and start to use them excessively. That’s when the above-listed foods become dangerous for health. Be careful when preparing your favorite dishes!

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