Using Dianabol, anadrol and their effects on usage


Dianabol, Anadrol are anabolic steroids which define variations of male hormone testosterone.  Both the drugs should be used on recommendation in prescription. But widely used by athletes and body builders all around the world for the purpose of getting lean muscles and to get masculine body. So it is imperative that one should know the effects of these steroids on human body before starting to use the same. Adding either anadrol or Dbol does not seem to be improving the performance in increasing stamina, strength as well as increase in muscle growth.

However most recent studies has shown that usage of these drugs can increase 5% to 20% strengthening  increment of approximately 3kg to 5Kg weight. This is due to increase in lean body mass and fat mass is not reduced typically. Even though it has gains, it is imperative that one should weigh the risks against benefits and should think whether they should take the risk of using steroids for the increase of 5 Kg weight. Anadrol is around for long time and typically available in 50 mg tablet and commonly known as anadrol-50 among the users. It is recommended in treatment to cure inefficient production of red blood cells.

Both are classified as Schedule III controlled substances and enhance synthesis and metabolism of proteins. It is known fact that anadrol is more potent and harsh than the dianabol. But one should consider his age, weight, Genetics and exercising habits before using one or other type of steroid. Anadrol is known to have negative impact on liver function, testicular atrophy. Testicular atrophy contributes to impotency and decrease in semen. One has to be careful before using this as it will lead to less performance and impotency. It may cause edema, which is often caused by electrolytes in blood serum. Similarly Dianabol can cause several side effects including gynomastia. It can cause other side effects such as hyper tension. Ultimately both these steroids can cause severe side effects. So it is better to avoid them. Anadrol can cause anxiety also. Several users reviewed that due to increased oxygen flow, dianabol can reduce the anxiety. Some bodybuilders around the world claim that anadrol helps to achieve larger muscle size and gains faster than Dianabol even though anadrol have lot more side effects.

Another study reported the development of cortical venous thrombosis (blood clots) following use of Dianabol 20 mg per day by another man for one month for bodybuilding purposes, and resulted in his need to undergo anticoagulation therapy. Ultimately both of these steroids can cause severe side effects, so be careful with use. Steroid alternatives are a much better option for bodybuilders looking to bulk up. When it comes to Dianabol vs. Anadrol, similarities are often found between the two. Both can enhance nitrogen balances, but there’s a catch: this will only occur if intake of proteins and calories is sufficient. Such kind of androl as it is nearly impossible to dissociate this combination of anabolic/androgenic effects of anabolic steroids.

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