Pros and Cons of Using Dianabol


Biceps, triceps, six pack abs, and everything of that sort are dreams of a man who wants to look manlier. While many people are so passionate about it that they work out for it, some of them are potato couches, and that change of place from the couch to a treadmill seems overwhelming. And marketers never miss a chance to lure people with easier and quicker ways of getting things done. This is why steroids for body-building have hit the market. Like clenbuterol and anavar, dianabol is one of those steroids that help people build body quicker without putting much effort.

Dianabol is more commonly called D-Bol, and is quite popular in the world of body-building. It can quite rightly be called as the father of steroids since it was introduced in the 50s. It is an anabolic steroid with the chemical name Methandrostenolone that has the effects of testosterone- the male hormone responsible for muscle building. Dianabol makes the break down process slower and speeds up the process of formation.

Now that you know what exactly dianabol does to your body, it is quite apparent as to what can be expected from it. The reason why people use dianabol is because the effect it has is not just significant, but it also does the work really quickly. When you have dianabol, it acts by converting the protein from the food into muscle mass. It also improves the process through which the energy in your muscles is restored. This in turn makes weight lifting and sustaining your power easier.

This drug has been popular among athletes for the muscle build up and sudden burst of energy from having it. But, there is a number of adverse side effects from it because of which dianabol is sold for research only in many countries.

When you have dianabol, it affects the natural production of testosterone in your body. Since it mimics the effect of testosterone, your blood is detected to have a lot of testosterone and your body decides to no more produce more testosterone since the amount that is already there is seen to suffice. Because of this, when you stop having this steroid (since you cannot take it forever), your body is no longer able to produce required amount of natural testosterone. So, you start lacking sexual desire, and it might also affect your erection.

From prolonged use of it, you are calling trouble for your liver. Dianabol can only be had if you are building body mass and muscle. It should not be used as a performance enhancer and that is the reason why athletes are not allowed to use it. It definitely is not a fair game to use artificial energy enhancement drugs when you are being assessed for how capable you are.

Every drug has its share of good and bad. This is why you need to evaluate anything before using and be sure the effects are not adverse.  Consult your doctor and find out if the drug is suitable for you especially if you are suffering from some heart related condition.

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