Tv Has Not Gone out of Trend


The main reason behind the success of tv ads is that usually, they work. As per WARC, among various campaigns TV promotions were found to be most effective during the period of 2013-2016. Now a day’s advertisers are coming back to TV because of high customer reach. As per research consumers are more attracted towards the TV. According to a study at the University of Adelaide, eye tracking can be used to check command of TV.  Television still holds a huge share in the world of ads and has an emotional connection with consumers. TV ads help to change the thoughts of people.

It is just the impact of television advertising on the viewer, as a result of which, they end up in buying the product. For example, the consumption of junk food and canned food, which are considered quite an unhealthy diet, have been increased for a few last years, this is due to the impact of television advertising. These cheap TV commercials have made the consumers slave of their desires, but the true human is one who has control over his desire and knows which product is right for him, rather than just getting influence by advertisements on television.

According to President Hoover, television advertising has created desired amongst the viewers and it has transformed people into happy machines. Top commercial production companies have created such an adverse effect to today’s generation by the means of celebrity endorsement that people have a misconception that their favorites are using the same products. Celebrity based television advertising is used to influence the choice of consumers regarding a particular brand. Drugs, child obesity, violent behavior are the negative impact of television advertising. Many advertisements on television have slogans which remain in the mind of the people and lure them to buy the product. Since the electronic images which are screen on the television are not real, but they actually seem to be real, and fools the mind of the viewers.

Top Commercial Production Companies

For example, in the case of magi, they claim it like 2 minutes noodles but actually, it can’t be made in 2 minutes. Consumerism is spread out throughout the globe, amongst each section of the society, through television advertising. These television advertisements inculcate the feeling of inferiority amongst the viewer, which can only be overcome by purchasing that particular product.

Television advertising has affected their lifestyle. People do not watch the world with actual facts when they view television; it is actually reverse that is advertised on television has created a picture on the minds of the people about the world. Suppose it they advertise about a specific car, people develop a particular image and perception about that car. Advertisers provide viewers with an answer as for example some commercials are like this, if your head hurts, consume Advil for getting rid of a headache. Usually, advertising attempts to convince the audience to purchase a good or service like political advertising is done for the vote. Though TV advertising is expensive it’s worth the effort as it leads to boost up sales for the company and an enlarged customer base.

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