Facts about Sensitive Teeth: Causes, Prevention and Treatment


In this article, we are going to see what is the dental sensitivity, the causesof teeth sensitive to cold and heat and the main remedies (even natural) that you can take to solve the problem in a short time. If you also suffer from this problem, keep reading the article and the sensitivity of the teeth will remain only a bad memory. You can also go through the remedies that are suggested in here.

In the following, we are going to look these points:

1. Sensitive teeth: what are the causes?

2. Remedies for sensitive teeth, Natural Remedies for sensitive teeth and its Prevention

3. Conclusion

Sensitive teeth: what are the causes?

Dental sensitivity is defined as an intense and transient pain that is caused by the exposure of the dentin, or the inner part of the teeth, to an external stimulus such as the consumption of cold, hot, acidic or sweet foods or drinks.

Dental sensitivity is the main cause of tooth pain and, on average, affects 1 in 7 adults. If the problem is not treated correctly, complications can occur such as caries, gingivitis or periodontitis.

It often arises between the ages of 18 and 40 and in recent times an increase in dental sensitivity has been noted while going through dental filling sessions, especially among young people, due to excessive consumption of acid drinks and other bad habits.

But what is the origin of dental hypersensitivity? The tooth is divided into several layers. The external layer, called enamel, performs the function of protecting the dentin and the pulp that is the lower layers, from thermal changes and substances that we ingest daily through nutrition.

When the teeth become sensitive to cold, heat or certain foods, it means that the dentin, protected by gums, enamel and root cement, loses its natural protection and is exposed to external factors.

There are many reasons for this sensitivity to occur. The hard way of brushing teeth, force on brushing movement will damage the enamel and also the teeth.

It will generate micro-cracks and will increase the risk of falling. Having acidic fruits and vegetables in excess amount will also increase the chances of sensitivity. Increase in use of teeth whitening toothpaste and agents can also cause sensitivity. Tooth cavity filling sessions shows how sensitive your teeth are.

All types of remedies for sensitive teeth:

If the problem does not pass by itself, it is advisable to follow some advice and try to remedy this problem.

Change the toothbrush:

If you are using a toothbrush with hard bristles, you should opt for a toothbrush with soft bristles. Many times brushes are used that are not suitable for gums and sensitive teeth and this reason it is necessary to try to have a toothbrush having soft bristles causing no harm.

If you are using an electric one, make sure that the model you go with has soft bristles which are great for your teeth. This should reduce the risk of damaging tooth enamel and irritating the gums.

Reduce the consumption of acidic foods:

As we have seen before, acidic foods which can also make the erosion of the enamel faster. It will also make the appearance of dentin to the external agents.

It is therefore important to reduce the consumption of these foods like sauce made up of tomato, wine, fruit juices, yogurt, orange or lemon juice, etc.) to strengthen the layer covering the teeth and thus reduce the sensitivity of the teeth

Use fluoride products:

Fluorine is a valid ally of the teeth because it increases the mineralization of the enamel and strengthens it. Fluorine has strong anti-plaque power and decreases dental sensitivity, thanks to the formation of a layer of calcium fluoride which acts as a protective film and fills the exposed dental tubules.

Among the most used products containing fluorine, we find the toothpaste and mouthwashes suitable for this type of problem.


Use specific toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Using suitable toothpaste to solve sensitivity can be a good remedy and can effectively improve the problem without wasting too much time or money on other solutions.

In the market, there are different types of toothpaste and also different tooth cavity filling sessions suitable for sensitive teeth.

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