What should I do when I experience a boiler breakdown?


In our homes, we often forget to check on the current state of our boilers. Since it has been working for a very long duration, you refuse to believe that it will ever breakdown. Suddenly on a freezing winter morning, it happens, a boiler breakdown.

Then all of a sudden, you’re thrown into a state of confusion. Now that the heating appliance is faulty, everywhere gets messy, the temperature inside the home is low, the children keeps complaining, and you’re left with difficulty in deciding on whether to get a new boiler or to repair the old one.

The problem is you have no idea that it was wrong in the first place, not to have serviced your boiler regularly especially after a long period of not using. In so many cases, this breakdown usually happens during winter, because of the long period of inactivity, which has caused a strain to the interior of the heating appliance.

To ensure that you do not encounter such predicament, be sure to contact our 24-hour boiler repair London to assist you with our expertise.

What should I do when I experience a boiler breakdown?

Before making any decision on what to do when your boiler breaks down, you should know what to inspect. Below is a list of factors to consider,

  1. The Age of Your Boiler

In this particular case, the age of your boiler is a very significant factor because you need to have an idea if the company is still in the market of producing the required parts of your boiler. With the advance in technology in the production market across the world, you may find out that your boiler is now ancient. Therefore the parts are no longer in the market.

Also, in the case where your boiler is very old. Getting a new modernised efficient boiler is not such a bad idea other than making unnecessary expenses in trying to rectify the old one always.

Our 24-hour boiler repair team is always available to guide you if you have any questions. It’s simply making a wise decision. We urge you to contact us as emergency plumber for more information.

  1. The Energy efficiency between repairing your boiler and getting a new one:

The efficiency of a condensing boiler is usually ascertained by the years of usage. The longer the usage, the lower the effectiveness of the boiler. With the present increment in the Energy industry, it is time to consider a more comfortable option between buying a new one and repairing your old one.

  1. Amount of money spent on repairing your boiler

You need to take into account the overall expenses spent in trying to maintain your old boiler. Ask yourself if it is cheaper to replace your boiler with a new one compared to regularly spending money trying to put your boiler in an excellent working condition.

  1. Extent of Reliability

When you take your old boiler out for repair, make sure that the overall condition and extent of damage is ascertained. Contact 4D Plumbing and Heating for your quality boiler repairs and services. This enables you to know the extent to which you can afford to continue making use of it without having to repair it occasionally. Thereby providing you luxurious time to go about your daily routine.

  1. How does replacing your boiler ensure the perfect solution to your heating problems

In all honesty, it is very advisable to replace your boiler whenever it encounters a sudden breakdown. Yeah, it does sound a lot expensive in terms of buying and installation. But it is more economical, compared to spending money occasionally in trying to rectify your old boiler.

More importantly, make sure that you get the right condensing boiler from the correct distributors. Don’t forget to get in contact with your local emergency plumber in London to provide you with the best in your boiler installation.

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