Torex- A herbal cough syrup for all sorts of cough


The generic name of torex is Dextromethorphan-Guaifenesin. Torex is a cough syrup used to treat coughs as a result of respiratory problems. Guaifenesin falls under the category of expectorants. It acts by loosening the mucus in the air path and thus making it easy to breath. Dextromethorphan comes under cough suppressants. It acts by sending message to brain to lessen the need to cough. If this medicine is taken without doctor instructions then always remember to read the instructions mentioned on the package.

Torex cough syrup for children

Always remember that this product should not be used for children below six years of age. Studies show that the cold products are not safe for children. Always consult a doctor before giving this medicine to children of any age. Doctor or chemist could be consulted about the safety of the product.

Usage of cough syrup

This medicine can be taken through mouth without/without food or as asked by the doctor. In case of self treatment, read the instructions on package before taking the dosage. Incase still confusion persists talk to the doctor. While taking the medicine drink ample water. The amount of dose may vary from age to age, health condition and patient’s response to the treatment. The dosage should neither be increased nor be decreased on your own. When taking this medicine in liquid form, the dosage should be measured carefully with the device given. Avoid using household spoon as it may not give accurate dose. In case of sachet, the entire contents should be emptied on tongue and swallowed. In case the cough starts again or there is fever along with sore throat and headache consult a doctor.

There can be side effects if the medicine is not taken properly. The dosage of medicine should neither be increased nor be decreased. The medicine also should not be taken more than the prescribed time.

Side effects of torex cough syrup

The side effects of torex cough syrup include blurred vision, dizziness, vomiting and headache. It is not necessary that everyone will experience these side effects.

What are the advantages of torex cough syrup?

This cough syrup is used to treat cough temporarily. torex cough syrup for wet cough and dry cough gives best result.  Sneezing and runny nose, fever due to common cold and other respiratory allergies can also be treated with the help of cough syrup.


Persons suffering from heart, lungs diseases, constipation etc should inform their doctor before starting this medication. Also contact your doctor if you feel drowsy after medication.


It is advisable to store the medicine in cool and dry place away from light.

Torex cough syrup- An ayurvedic formulation

Torex is an ayurvedic medicine which is formulated to give relief from cough. This medicine is made from 20 natural herbs. People of all age group (except children below age of 6 years) can take this medicine. It gives quick relief when taken with lukewarm water.  Due to the presence of tulsi and honey this medicine is quite effective. All sorts of cough can be treated with this cough syrup. You can buy torex cough syrup online.

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