Should You Go For Skin Lightening Treatment?


The skin colour of a particular person is decided by the amount of melanin is there under his or her skin. The amount of melanin decides whether you will be considered a fair person or a wheatish person. Somehow Indian skin tones have so many various shades, but they still are considered as brown skins. The melanin which decides the skin tone of a particular person is produced in the cells called Melanocytes.

The production of melanin in these cells is often determined by genetic or hereditary factors. We can often see that the skin tone, be it fair or darker is being determined by how that particular person’s father or mother or grandmother or grandfather looked like. There are only a very few cases where we see that in spite of the parents being different complexioned person, the child has born with completely different complexion. But those are really rare cases. In most cases genes affect the melanin creation of a person’s body. But those who were born with fairer skin may be seen becoming really tanned and the melanin production is increasing with days. This incident generally happens because melanin tend to grow more when the skin is exposed to excessive Sun rays, chemicals and hormones.

The major cause of a skin to lose its brightness is the Sun tan. In today’s time when the global warming is at its peak and the sun is always up our head be it winter or summer or autumn or spring, it is hard for people especially Indian people to have their normal complexion intact. Sun rays damages the skin in other ways also. The other possible cause of losing glow from the skin is hormonal imbalance and use of excessive chemical products.

Although a person’s personality and his or her ability has nothing to do with his skin colour and being a darker person does not make a person less of a genius, people tend to go for skin lighting treatment and skin whitening treatment. A person’s beauty can never be determined by the skin colour but with these types of treatment people can easily treat the damages that have happened to their skins through the years of exposure to the sun, chemicals and hormones.

A skin whitening treatment is a treatment by which the production of the melanin of the skin can be controlled. There are lots of process of skin whitening which includes Hydroquinone treatment, Glutathione treatment, laser treatment, bleaching, chemical peels Cryosurgery and many more. There are lots of skin treatment centres in India which offer the skin lightening treatment with minimum pain and in affordable price without damaging your skin permanently.

Among all these procedures somehow the chemical peeling is less painful and effective according to the dermatologists and cosmetologists. Chemical peeling is a process by which few products are used in your skin and after certain amount of time the outer skin or the dead skin comes off easy revealing a lighter skin and almost new skin.

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