Top 10 Beach Essentials For Your Little One


Perfect sunny weather calls for a day at the beach. Family beach outings are fun, especially with babies. Marvel at your little one being awestruck by the atmosphere of the beach and for once you would not mind them getting their hands dirty.

Since traveling with babies needs you to be extra careful of their needs, here are a few must-have baby beach accessories on your checklist.

Baby Sunscreen

Babies’ skin is more delicate and prone to sunburn, making it the topmost priority on the list. To ensure the baby’s skin is protected from the harsh UV rays apply sunscreen. It is advisable to check the ingredients listed behind the bottle.

Choose a sunscreen with an SPF 50+ rating and avoid any chances of getting sunburn. Apply the sunscreen using the right consistency as instructed on the bottle. Opt for a sunscreen free from that is free from harmful chemicals and is water-resistant.

Baby Swim Diapers

Baby swim diapers are a must for babies, as a lot of beaches and pools require that they are being worn when babies are in the water. Unlike regular diapers, swim diapers do not absorb urine, they serve one purpose only, keeping baby’s poop out of the water. There is a wide variety of swim diapers to choose from including disposable swim diapers, preferably a natural baby swim diaper as they are void of any harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritations on a baby’s delicate skin.

Rashie and Hat

Do not forget to get a hat to protect the ultra-sensitive baby’s skin. Decent cover-ups mandatorily need to be on your list. This will also eliminate the chances of getting sand rashes and other irritations on the baby’s skin.

The UPF rating with a minimum of 30+ is considered as the best baby swim gear. It is worthwhile investing in a highly protective swim gear for infants, especially when you often take beach trips.

Snacks and Water

A hungry baby is not a happy one. You can spend some quality time on the beach so pack up enough snacks and water. A light snack should be enough to satisfy your baby’s appetite before mealtime.

Baby Powder

A little trick you must remember is to put baby powder on their skin. It is a staple product that will keep the sand from abrading the baby’s skin as you are rubbing the sand off them. Just dust some powder generously beforehand and the sand will come off easily.

Water Resistant Blankets

The last thing you want is your baby to sit on the hot sand. Carry a water-resistant beach baby blanket. If that’s unavailable you can always make do with the picnic-style blanket. If you have these, you can use natural diapers without worrying about anything.

Baby Stroller

It is convenient to have a baby stroller or carrier. It will free up your hands allowing you to enjoy the stroll. A baby stroller works well on beach terrain and can substitute a pop-up baby beach tent. Plus, babies are more familiar with strollers, making it easier for them to sleep in.

There is no harm in taking extra care as even an all-terrain stroller can be a handful on loose sand. The jogging-style strollers are highly recommended as the best strollers for the beach.

Baby Carrier

If you find it hard to maneuver a stroller around on the sand, then a baby carrier will be handy for you. It is also an ideal option if your baby is used to a rocking movement to fall asleep. Mesh baby carriers are in demand due to their breathable material. Taking carriers along is a perfect option especially for hot days.


To keep your little one entertained, pack some toys they love. While at it also pack a few beach toys, to build sandcastles for them.

Mesh Bag

After a fun-filled day at the beach, you do not want to spend your time clearing up the mess. You will have most of the items covered in sand while returning from the beach. To avoid making a mess just pack these heavily sandy items in a mesh bag. It will keep the excess sand from spreading everywhere. Mesh bags only take a little pack to pack.

Safe to say that these beach gear items will boost your baby’s comfort level. Tick these baby beach essentials off the checklist for a safe, fun-filled, and relaxing experience at the beach.

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