Comparison Between Leading Stock Brokerage Companies In India


 Stockbrokers provide necessary services that enable investors to invest in stock market securities. Various types of services are provided by the stockbrokers ranging from simple assistance in buying and selling procedures to complex wealth management services. They charge a certain amount of fee in return for their services termed as brokerage rates. One can find various types of online brokers and corporate bodies who have slowly taken over the Indian stock market. Full time and discount brokers are two major types of brokers found in India.

Top 10 stockbroker in India provides a range of services that make them essential for the investment process. Out of leading stock brokers in India, 5 most popular firms indulged in providing brokerage services are listed below:

* Sharekhan:

Being one of the oldest and most popular stock broking firms in India, Sharekhan provides a range of services enabling investors to invest in stock market securities with security and efficiency. The firm is indulged in providing various types of professional services allowing investors to build a well paying and return providing portfolio consisting of best securities traded in the market. Professional advisory services are provided on time to enable investors to make informed and timely decisions. The company has even developed both web-based platforms and necessary offline presence in major parts of the country. The firm is known for charging fewer brokerage rates as compared to other popular firms operating in India ranging .15% to .1%.


ICICI Stockbroking firm being a subsidiary of ICICI banking corporation Is engaged in hiding video services in all the major cities of India. The form is known for providing various types of financial advisory services with great expertise and proficiency. One can open a 3 in 1 account allowing investors to trade in securities and handle other transactions from a single account. Various advisory services are provided on time through its online trading platform and offline services. The brokerage rate charged by the firm ranges between .5 to .75%.

* Wisdom Capital:

Wisdom capital, one of the most popular and professional stock broking companies in India, is known for providing various types of professional advisory and support services to its clients. One can find various types of services including timely provision of advisory services through both online and offline means. It is the only company that charges less monthly and yearly brokerage plans allowing investors to pay a lump sum advance for the same. The company has developed both an online platform and necessary online tools and applications which investors can use to trade in securities from anywhere easily.

* HDFC Securities:

As clear from the name, HDFC securities is a subsidiary of HDFC Bank. The stockbroking firm allows investors to open a 4 in1 account where investors can trade in securities, accept transactions, and handle their bank-related activities from a single account. The company also provides online platforms and applications which users can use for investing in stock market securities from anywhere. One can find various types of services and online stock market information from the online platform created with complete security and efficiency.

Five of the top 10 stockbroker in India, as mentioned above, are known for providing the best services which makes them popular amongst Indian stock market investors.

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