The Concept of Sanitizer Based Tunnel Spray Gate


There are many companies in India who manufacturer sanitizing tunnel spray gate. This is a tunnel that helps to create an obligation-based passage. This is equipped with the help of internal arc-shaped atom-based nozzles which help in saturating the environment and preventing the dispersions. This whole nebulisation-based system is also connected with the help of a control-based system which is capable of mixing the sanitizing products in specific percentages which have been depicted and decided by the manufacturer. This makes the whole process possible to sanitize the surface in contact with the whole ground.

This passage helps to ensure that the gate is safe for all to pass through it and especially for all those people who have to work in close contact with groups. All those people who work in groups are at a higher risk and this kind of tunnel spray gate can be installed at the entrance of the offices and other public places like supermarkets, hospitals, ports, pharmacies, stations, malls, government offices and many more areas. This is highly suitable for all the companies as with the help of this they can provide the necessary hygiene to their workforce. Not only people but goods and vehicles can also pass through this and they can be very easily sanitized.

As a precautionary measure and to prevent the further spreading of Coronavirus, people who pass through this tunnel can also wash their hands. It is advisable to walk through this tunnel for 3 to 4 seconds. This type of construction is made from the aluminium based tubular sections and stripes. It is also covered with the help of tarpaulin-based curtain from sides and top so that there is no dust inside the tunnel. This concept is highly successful because it can uniformly distribute the spray with the help of pipe present inside the tunnel. The best part of this is that the filling tank is kept outside the tunnel so that it can be easily refilled. The whole system of the spray pump operates with the help of pipe through 220 V single based phases. The spray inside this tunnel begins at the time when a person or a thing enters the tunnel.

The whole mechanisms work with the help of motion-based sensors. As soon as a person or thing or a vehicle enters the tunnel the spray is started, and it ends as soon as the thing exits the tunnel. The tunnel can also be set for switching manually. The whole system is very easily transportable and is considered best for human health. This is one of the most common precautions opted by the companies to deal with Coronavirus.

The sanitizer tunnel manufacturers in India have invested heavily in the development of this concept and it has been highly successful. Such companies have professional people who can handle the whole process of manufacturing it with their expertise and skills so that consumers are highly satisfied with this product. This system has provided a rich experience to the consumers and is gaining a lot of importance nowadays.


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