Avast Secureline VPN Review – With Pros and Cons


Secureline VPN is the network service that can encrypt the user’s internet traffic. Today here will be discussing the Avast Secureline VPN Review

You must be having a question in mind that what is meaning of a secure line, so don’t worry will clear your doubts in this article.

Avast secure line offers both paid and unpaid services to their subscribers. But unpaid services are only for the trial period of 7 days. You can choose from the OpenVPN, IPSec and IKEv2 protocols for this service, as they use 256-bit encryption in their services. Avast server speeds are at the top of the line. 

General Information and It’s Features

Overall Rank # 17 out of 78 VPNs
Usability 4/5
Log Files No Logging
Locations 35 countries and 55 servers
Support Phone, knowledge base
Torrenting Allowed
Netflix No 0/5
Encryption/Protocol AES 256
Cost $6.67/mo
Official website www.Avast.com

The company Avast is in services since 1988, and it launched the Avast Secureline services in 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The VPN services support the devices and operating systems as below:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Android TV

Based on the bandwidth limit the Avast Secureline can work on the five devices.

Avast has only 55 servers working in around 34 countries. It’s a really low number as compared to that of other VPN service providers like, NordVPN and ExpressVPN who have about 3000 servers.

If ever your connection is lost then Avast Secureline offers the kill switch, which is the perfect switch to protect your privacy. These switches are known as the critical safeguard or the backup plan. When these switches detect that your network connection is about to lose then they will automatically kill your current ongoing sessions. This helps to protect your privacy of the work.

Now Let Us Discuss About The Pros And Cons Of Avast Secureline VPN


  • Top 10 Download Speed

Avast good rather than you can say best in the top speed as compared to the other VPN service providers speed. But they are not fastest as Avast but neither they are slowest.

  • Encryption And Security
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Kill switch
  • DNS Leak Protection

The encryption which Avast provides is the military-grade encryption. “256” refers to the server encryption strength. The 256-bit is the best strength currently for the businesses.

Avast secure line even provides the DNS leakage protection. This feature makes sure that your private data is safe and secure and cannot leak outside the VPN network. 

  • Torrenting Is Allowed

The torrents download and the P2P downloads are allowed on the Avast Secureline VPN services. This secure line offers the P2P connection through the data centers located in below locations:

      • Prague, Czech Republic
      • Frankfurt, Germany
      • Amsterdam, Netherlands
      • New York City, New York, USA
      • Miami, Florida, USA
      • Seattle, Washington, USA
      • London, United Kingdom
      • Paris, France

  • No Logs 

Avast secure line guarantees that they never keep the log files of your online activities. 

  • Fast Customer Service 

Avast provides on-call support system for their customers through the call centers or the contact centers.

  • Usable For Both Mobiles And Desktops/Laptops

Avast secureline VPN software is very much sleek and simple to use. 

  • No DNS, IP or WebRTC Leaks

VPN’s create a secure tunnel for your internet connection and protect your data by encrypting it.

  • No Ad/Malware

This VPN can protect you from downloading any malicious files.


  • No Router Support

Avast secureline VPN does not support the router. It means that it can’t be set up on the routers. This is only the basic protection for your mobiles and systems.

  • No Netflix

VPN providers and Netflix are always battling with each other. And Avast is losing the battle against Netflix. Hence Avast does not work with Netflix. Netflix knows that if you are using the Avast VPN then you will be not able to download the movies or your favorite shows. 

  • Bad Jurisdiction

Avast is based in the Czech Republic, where the Czech Republic does not cooperate with the Five Eyes agreement with the other countries.

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