The concept of CNC plasma cutting machine you may not know


If you have ever worked with traditional metalworking and cutting machine, then you need to understand what a CNC plasma cutting machine will be able to help you with. Your difference compared to if you use a traditional cutting machine is that you have to both act as an operator and as a programmer.

Plasma cutting machines are now widely used, especially in mechanical industries, to help us cut metal faster, more beautiful, and more convenient. So what is a plasma cutter? How does the machine work? Let’s learn more about this machine together!

CNC with Oxy-Gas cutting technique

CNC Plasma cutting machines are one of the metal processing methods that help companies reduce operating costs. This type of machine can cut a variety of materials with fast speed, low cutting paths, high capacity and guaranteed accuracy. To work with a CNC machine you don’t need to be a machine designer, but you do need to know how the machine is built. CNC can work with other industrial machines for more precision in working such as CNC drilling machine, CNC laser cutting machine, etc. Only then will you understand the capabilities and limitations of the machine.

On the other hand, the stone wind and Oxy-Gas cutting methods can cut thick iron sheets but do not process products from stainless steel or non-ferrous metals. The plasma cutting machine is a pressure device that uses the operating principle of plasma gas to make the metal cutting process easier thanks to the high temperature and speed of the gas flow from the plasma cutting head to help cut the material.

Plasma cutting tips and techniques

– Use the arm that is not holding the gun to support the other hand for stability when moving as well as to help maintain a safe distance for the gun head from the cutting object. You can bring the tip of the gun towards you or away at the convenience of your hand.

– If you cut a long cut, you should try to move your hand before you cut it. When you have mastered it, you will actually cut it. Because when you stop cutting suddenly midway, it will be difficult to start again and make the cutting line not straight.

– Make sure to use the correct cutting speed and cutting current, it is recommended to test the same material that is actually to be cut.

– If you see plasma sparks, it means you are moving quickly, adjust your speed. A suitable maintenance cutting angle is 15 to 20 degrees.

– Pay attention to the last cut in thick materials, so pause the hand movement for a while then start again to be able to cut the best remaining metal.

– If plasma cutting slag is found below the cutting line, you can use a hammer to knock the slag, or with metal, brush to remove it.

– For thin cutting objects, it is recommended to start at a 45-degree cutting angle to ensure the quality of the cut.

– Plasma sewing can cut a round hole easily, note that the machine can penetrate less than half the thickness which the machine can cut.

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