How To Draw A Nested Doll With Step By Step Parse Stage


How To Draw A Nested Doll? Parse Stage

The main symbol of Russia is the living matryoshka – A funny wooden figure doll, which once contained one of the small prints. World fame he received more than 100 years ago. Its creator was the Russian Vasily Zvezdochkin turner, and the prototype was a Buddhist statue. How to draw a nesting doll, which has become a favorite souvenir from Russia among foreigners?


To understand how to draw a nested doll, you need to turn to legend. According to one version, the Russian beauty falls younger sister Japanese Daruma doll Fukurume and depicts wise people or spirits. In contrast, nested dolls – well -dressed woman or gossip, wrapped in a scarf and painted rosy from the cold. Accordingly, the central part of our figure is a face scarf with an intricate pattern, sundress, or apron. Notably, with matryoshka waist, in some cases, is represented by arms and legs.


Decide for yourself what your picture is. Imagine it in your mind. From this, and depends on how to draw a nested doll. What content and semantic load will be in your images? One doll or the whole family will attend the Memorial? Maybe it will be three girlfriends walking with baskets in the forest mushrooms and berries? A popular subject for dolls images is a Russian folk tale, “The turnip,” The most significant matryoshka – grandfather, followed by Grandma, Granddaughter, bugs, cool drawings and cats, and the lowest figure – Mouse. Give play to your imagination, remember hearing in a childhood story.

How To Draw A Nested Doll


After pondering, the story can begin to work. If the draw for the first time, apply a thin line of a pencil that can be erased eraser, leaving no trace. 2 Draw a circle so that the upper smaller is adjacent to the lower or overlaps. If all went well, delete unnecessary lines. The lower edge of the image flattened living matryoshka “is.” The next stage – the face. Inside the upper circle, draw a small circle that will define the two lines inside the fringe.

Describe the eyebrows, eyes, and nose, a simulation of two points. To draw the lips, make a horizontal dash, then two wavy lines from the bottom and one at the top.

Then we hold a border on behalf of the side – it will be a scarf. Draw palm sleeves. Then draw a horizontal semicircle bottom line – on the edge of the apron. On the edge of the gussets are borders, and on the apron – color and pattern. Paint nesting doll yourself, be sure to dye his cheeks.


Templates for painting can purchase in the store for children’s creativity. They can come in handy if you still do not understand how to draw step-by-step life matryoshka.

If you want to draw the figure of a boy instead of a headscarf can remove hair with bangs or any male headgear. Traditional clothes for dolls -Man – Russian shirt with a belt, shoes – sandals.

Tips on how to draw a nested doll will be helpful to both adults and children because of every detail – simple shapes that are easy to portray yourself.

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