Simplifying marijuana and some reasons to prefer it over alcoholic drinks


Getting high on some intoxicant for a short period of time is fun but becoming habitual is a big issue. Every intoxicant implies different impacts on the human mind that can be euphoric, aggressive or drowsy, etc. It is advisable to choose your intoxicant very carefully because some of them are highly addictive and promotes aggression too. Among all products available in the market, marijuana has a distinctive place because it is a herb and consumable through different. After a long legacy of alcohol, marijuana is also gaining a good reputation among the entire world. Nowadays, marijuana consumption is longer considered as a taboo. While comparing the characteristics, you will come to know that it is much better intoxicant than alcohol. Before you go further with the significant features, it is important to know the basic information regarding this euphoric herb.


What is consumable marijuana?

It is a plant belongs to cannabis genus that grows randomly as a weed in many countries. The leaves of marijuana contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is a strong compound to get you high. Every marijuana plant contains different levels of THC that vary on the basis of geographic conditions. The leaves are consumable in multiple ways. There was a time when dry herb flowers and hash were the only two major ways of enjoying marijuana that too with smoking only. Currently, scientists have developed modern techniques to crystallize the purest form of THC from marijuana or making wax out of it. Apart from smoking, it is also convenient to consume through a vaporizer or simply eating. While comparing intoxicant & recreational Marijuana in OC with alcohol, you will find the following facts.


  • Maintain your privacy


While getting high on something, everyone expects that others cannot notice them. If you drink even a single peg of alcoholic drink, anyone can identify the drinker because of the strong hit of smell. On the other hand, no one can notice if you are consuming pure marijuana. The problem occurs only in the case of overdose when you go completely out of mind. Also, there is no need to make special arrangements like glasses, water, snacks and adequate space. Just light up your paper or switch on the vaporizer on the go. If you have an adequate capacity of handling the hit, sit inside the office, at home or in a public gathering, no one can identify until you start talking something nonsense. Even there is no need to smoke or vape if you have edibles.


  • Least addictive


Every intoxicant is addictive but their addiction levels differ. Every product containing nicotine is highly addictive. Similarly, heroin is also a highly addictive drug. The body of regular drinkers also adapts alcohol as an addiction. This is the level when a person cannot spend a single day without the intoxicant. While comparing the addiction level of marijuana with other popular options, it is the least addictive substance. Only if you consume it by mixing with tobacco, the addiction may affect. As per the recent studies on marijuana, it is concluded that only 8 out of 100 marijuana consumers are prone to addiction.


  • Medical use


The medical benefits of marijuana are more significant than alcohol. There are numerous evidence proving marijuana as a great recreational herb. Both tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol elements aka CBD oil in Orange County comprises rejuvenating properties to heal diseases like cancer, Alzheimer, anxiety and much more.

A marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana can provide you all variants including dry herbs, liquid concentrates and edibles. However, always keep one thing in mind that excess of any intoxicant is injurious whether it is alcohol or marijuana. Never consume it beyond your capacity.

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