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Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love. And flower is the best way of expressing this eternal feeling. Flowers are of various types and of varieties of colors. Each flower and each color represents different kinds of love we share with people around us. Valentine’s Day is the universal love day. On this day, the tradition is to send love to your beloved by gifting flowers. Here is a list where you can find the long lasting flowers which perfectly suit your love for your boyfriend- never ending and ever-lasting. 

1) Carnation

If you are feeling to propose the love of your life on this Valentine’s Day, do something bigger than the roses. A bouquet of red carnations symbolizes the feelings of love, fascination and admiration. This flower is also perfect for someone who is celebrating the first marriage anniversary month on this Valentine’s Day. This flower is perfectly called as the first anniversary flower as well. These ruffled bloomed flowers are famous for new love. Apart from the beauty, this flower is very easily available and also you can get this flower in reasonable prices as well. It is the best contemporary to roses on this occasion of love. 

2) Lilies

Lily is mainly a lady flower. If you are so much hooked to the woman’s smile, infatuated by her spirit, you would love to have that woman forever in your life. And the next step for that is proposing. A bouquet of pink lilies perfectly reflects the essence of love on this occasion of love. Also, this flower is perfect for 30th anniversary celebration, which means it symbolizes stronger bonds. There are varieties of lilies, but the pink and the red ones are best for celebrating this occasion. 

3) Tulips

After roses, tulips are the best red flowers that have been there from ancient period of times, associated with the feelings of love.  IF you are willing to win someone’s heart on this occasion of love, tulip is the best choice of flowers. This flower has an essence of Victorian era, where people used to express their love with the bouquet of red tulips. In Victorian language, sending someone red tulips means proposing. Tulip is available in rainbow colors; but red is the color for the Valentine’s Day. It was Netherlands, where first this flower was cultivated in 17th century. This flower recognizes comfort, warmth, classic and affordable. 

4) Blue Iris

Well, the Valentine’s Day has a color of red to celebrate. But this flower is a stand out one. This blue shade of iris is reminiscent of faith and hope. It has the power to convey varieties of feelings. But when it is sent to someone on this occasion of love, it expresses deep sentiments. This flower is called the mythical magic flowers as well as it is believed to be used in magic in the ancient times. In different parts of the world, dark blue or purple iris flowers represent royalty and loyalty, faith and hope. It is a very good combination flower as well with red tulips or daisies. 

5) Roses

Red rose has been the epitome of love since time’s immemorial. From the time people have this feeling of intimacy with other people; they have expressed it with the flowers of roses. And till today, Valentine’s Day has a tradition of sending red roses to your partners, to symbolize your love for them. Among the plethora of colors, red rose is perfect for the expression of three magical words of ‘I Love You’. A dozen of red roses symbolize complete love, romance, beauty and perfection. But this Valentine red rose is considered to be pricey as well.

6) Peonies

Peonies are the wilder version of roses. The only difference between rose and peonies is that the peonies lack the symmetrical beauty that roses carry. Otherwise, this flower is also considered as a symbol of romance, prosperity and bashfulness. There is a belief that someone receiving peonies as gifts is believed to receive good luck as well. And it is a mythical flower as well as the myth says- Apollo used to turn nymphs into peonies if the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite knew he was flirting with them. 

7) Daffodils

This is the perfect Valentine flowers for him to make him believe that the woman of her life is blessed to have him in her life. Daffodils are yellow lively flowers which has been constant inspiration for the poet’s poetry, William Wordsworth. This is officially the 10th anniversary flower. But apart from that, receiving a bouquet of flowers, daffodils symbolize to bring charm, good luck and happiness for the rest of the year. Your beloved boyfriend deserves this.

8) Alstroemeria

This flower is another variety of lilies, called the Peruvian Lilies. This flower is one of the most long lasting cut flowers that reflect friendship and devotion. Also the petals of this flower are very much attractive with designs on them. This native flower from Latin America has a voluptuous arrangement as this flower carries multiple blooms on one stem. The advantage of this flower is that it is easily available in local floral markets as well. Such a bouquet of Alstroemeria will be one of the best Valentine gifts for boyfriends to express your intimate feelings. 

Flowers have always been the best spokesperson for feelings words fail to describe, amongst them love tops the list. Above are the best flowers to send to your love on Valentine’s Day to make your love live longer.  

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