Perks Of Using Escalator Ads For Your Business


Your life revolves around advertisements and promotion, day by day new areas for advertisements are searched and developed, the places where the advertisement will come in public’s eye often is considered as the most favourable place for advertisement. The lift ads services India brings a lift as a place for advertising. Elevator ads are a new media advertising platform, it is getting more popular as there are a number of benefits.


For a business to grow it is very important to promote and advertise it, small business do not have so much fund to invest in advertisements hence they look for alternatives, here come escalator ads, the ads in lifts are powerful and cost-effective. There are no big hoardings or banners, the posters are small and affordable and come out to be the best for small business promotion.

Micro targeting

One unique feature of escalator ads is the ability of micro-targeting. When you put big banners of your business onto some skyscrapers or massive banners high in the air, you don’t know who is even looking at that. In macro targeting, you know who is seeing your ad. You can control the viewers and macro target the advertisements based on region. Like if you want the residents of a specific building to see the ad, you can put it in the lift of that building only.

Constant exposure

When you do print advertisement for your business, the pamphlets or circulars have a very short life span, people will see it for one day in newspapers and the newspaper or magazine will go in dumping area bit the escalator ads have long time span, they stick to their place for a longer time an expose themselves in front of people for a prolonged period. There by making a connection with the viewer. If you see something daily then obviously you would want to see more of it.

Use of Creativity

 The lift ads services India put their utmost creativity in making these elevator ads. They are made aesthetically and generates a huge visual appeal among the viewer. The ads can be made covering up the full elevator or half of it. Elevator ads are edited with a lot of creativity too. With the use of LCD digital lifts, you can control the ad that comes in morning change the ad at night. You can change advertisements on an hourly basis. Like for a product that is used at night, you can show its advertisement at night whereas, for something to be used in the afternoon, you can take the afternoon hours to show that ad.

Elevator advertising has grown to a great extent now and has proved to be really successful for small businesses. Originated from urban areas, this type of advertising g is now spreading to all of the worlds. If you go for escalator ads then you are going for all the above-mentioned benefits naturally. For a small business, it is always advisable to go for them.

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