Amazing Flowers For Different Occasions!!!!


Flowers can convey your emotions without words. If you are gifting a single flower or bouquet to someone you are giving your expression. Every flower and its color have different emotions when you give it to someone but some people it is hostile though for them and some may think that it means health and immortality. You have to learn about the flowers and colors meanings before selecting them to express your emotions. There are different types of flowers for different occasions.

Amazing Flowers For Different Occasions!!!! 


Wedding flowers change every year according to the fashion and decorations. Many people choose flowers according to the season. Mostly flowers like Red roses are the symbol of passionate love and Peonies are the symbol of a happy marriage, prosperity is mostly used for wedding decorations and bouquets. There are other different types of wedding flowers like Amaryllis which defines love and determination, Calla lilies which means elegant and impressive, Gardenia which means joy, Hydrangeas which means heartfelt emotion and perseverance. Send flowers to chandigarh online and make your near and dear ones wedding more special. 


Loved ones give flowers that define their love towards their partner on valentines day. The most popular flower for this occasion is rose in every color from a decade ago. Every color of the rose defines something different and helps you to express your emotions to someone. Red roses describe your passion for love for the one you are gifting it because it is the symbol of passion. White roses are the symbol of pure love, Yellow roses describe your friendship so you can give it to your friends, Coral roses describes your desires, Pink roses describes admiration, Primroses describe the new love and the new beginnings. 


Flowers can be used to celebrate special occasions like promotion of the job, wedding anniversary or graduation or anything. Any flower can be used to celebrate these occasions but to make it more special you can use flowers by knowing their meaning. For these occasions most suited flowers are Camellia which means excellence and finesse, Daffodils defines the truth and forgiveness, Daisies defines innocence and playfulness, dahlias defines the change and excitement, Iris is most suited to celebrate the 25th anniversary as it describes faith and wisdom and Orchids define the love, luxury, strength, and charm. Buy flower delivery in jaipur online and make your near and dear ones more special on special occasions. 


Yellow roses are the symbol of friendship to include in your bouquet to give someone and make them feel loved and happy. Birthday flowers depend on the person’s favourite flowers or the relationship between you and the one you are going to give the flower or bouquet. There are some common flowers for birthdays like Pink carnations which define gratitude, Red chrysanthemum which defines sharing and love, Forget me not which is the symbol of remember me forever, Geraniums which define comfort and true friendship, Jasmine which defines grace and elegance. 


For this occasion, it is simple to choose your mother’s favorite flower to make her happy and feel loved. Mostly mother’s day bouquets include flowers like roses, lilies, and orchids. There are some flowers which are well suited for this occasion for example Gerbera daisies which is the symbol of cheerfulness, White lilacs which is the symbol of joy and the innocence of childhood, Daylilies is the symbol of the mother, lily of the valley is the symbol or sweetness, love and pure, Dwarf sunflowers which define adoration, Red tulips which define declaration of love and Yellow tulips which is the symbol of a smile with sunshine. 


Poinsettias are most suited for these occasions and there are different colors of these flowers like red, white, yellow, and green. Amaryllis is also one of the most suited flowers for these occasions. Other than poinsettias and amaryllis there are different types of flowers with different meanings which suits these occasions like Red Poinsettias which defines the blood of Christ and the star of Bethlehem, Christmas roses which is the symbol of a gift for Christ, Holly which is the symbol of everlasting life, Winter Jasmine which is the symbol of purity, modesty, and a gift from God and Narcissism which defines rebirth and renewal. Order flowers online on different occasions and makes your loved ones more special. 


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