How to Prepare an Exciting Influencer Marketing Campaign this Christmas


Confused how to design an exciting campaign this Christmas? Great you have come to the right place as in this article, we have come up with some fabulous Christmas campaign ideas. In India, we cannot overlook the huge marketing opportunities during Christmas. It is a great time when families gift various items to their dear ones.

Every big company wants to leverage marketing opportunities at Christmas to get huge sales. Why not maximize the sales possibilities with influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is the new generation marketing strategy to promote products and services with influencers. These micro-influencers have thousands of followers, and they can shift peoples’ minds with their opinion. That is why online marketers prefer hiring influencers to promote small to large brands. It is also cost-effective over traditional marketing strategies.

The holiday season is the ideal time to kick start sales. So, as an influencer marketer, how do you plan an attractive campaign for Christmas? You can take help from a leading influencer marketing agency in India for the same or scroll down to see what you can do on your own.

  1. Finalize your campaign strategy

Your campaign strategy will be the face of your seasonal sales. Your revenue will primarily depend on this strategy.  Try to engage micro-influencers to viral your brand with an amazing campaign strategy. You can complement your brand promotion strategy along with traditional media campaigns depending on your budget.

You can ask them an interesting question which they will be asked to answer interestingly. Select a catchy line of your campaign so that influencers will easily stimulate to do that without giving it a second thought. If you are targeting the Christmas, then stick to something that suits the theme. Brainstorm with your team to come up with more relevant campaign ideas.

  1. Review Your Target Audience

Before planning new campaign ideas, the first thing you should do is to reconsider your target audience. If you don’t have an idea regarding your target audience, your campaign may fail to provide the desired result in terms of brand awareness and sale.

Make sure you define your target audience through your campaign. Review your customer data to update your target audience. It will make the whole campaign idea more interesting.

  1. Re-design your marketing collateral

If you really want to upscale your business this Christmas, maybe it is the high time to redesign your marketing collateral. Make a sleek banner if you want to promote them online. Don’t bombard your viewers with boring design; naturally, they will avoid opening your message or seeing your post.

You can allow micro-influencers to shoot with your product and write down an honest review of your brand. Update your website and social media profile’s banner using the positive vibes of Christmas.

  1. Run special offer to attract more customers

We know how offers work on us. People sometimes wait for the whole year to get an offer, so if you really want to upgrade your brand value and increase your brand awareness, then Christmas is the ideal time to come up with some mindboggling offer ideas. With exciting offers, you can feel your customers more special, which is great to enhance your brand value.

You can also generate some coupon code using which your customers can get special discounts on the product they would buy. ‘Buy one get one free’ is another full proof idea to attract more customers to your platform. Research suggests customers tend to react to those offers which sound interesting.

So, don’t forget to name your offer. Think something out of the box!

  1. Choose influencers wisely

Don’t run behind every influencer come across you or shows interest in your campaign. Choose them carefully. Before hiring them, check their profile, the number of followers, reach, the number of likes his/her every post gets, etc.

If you don’t hire a proper influencer for your business, you may not get the actual result you are looking out of your campaign. So, invest some time in searching for the correct influencers who can take your brand to another level with their influence.  For that, you can also hire a reputed influencer marketing platform that will find correct influencers for your business.

  1. Campaign deadline

If you are planning for a campaign, you must not overlook the deadline for the campaign. An ideal timeline of a small to medium scale campaign is three to five days.  So, ask your influencers to complete the campaign within the given time frame. It will help you measure your campaign report easily. Based on the campaign report, you can plan your next campaign more efficiently.

  1. Know perfect social media platforms

Before preparing your campaign ideas, know which social media platform is ideal for promoting your brand. If you have a fashion brand, you should target Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to run your campaign, as these are the most potential platform from where you can get potential customers. You can go for LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter if you want to promote your service brand with a digital marketing expert.

  1. Add a Call To Action (CTA) button

Don’t forget to add a proper Call To Action (CTA) button in your campaign content. An appropriate CTA has a huge impact on the customers, so don’t go ahead with your campaign without adding a CTA.

So, this Christmas prepare an outstanding campaign for your brand and take it to another level. For a better result, consider all the ideas that we have mentioned above and get amazing results.

Happy Christmas!

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