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There are different segments in the medical profession, each of which is known to deal in different subjects and treating a variety of issues. There are specialists who have done specialization in a specific field of medicine and can offer the very best treatment to patients suffering from issues arising in that particular domain. One such area is pregnancy and post-pregnancy issues that are generally referred to as reputed and experienced OBGYNs like Dr. Vinutha Arunachalam. These specialists are known to be life saviors and can take care of both the would-be mother and the yet to be born baby in the womb. Besides this, the specialist is also known to provide different types of related treatments. Doing some research on the topic can help patients and their families to take the right decision. 

Some facts to know

  • ‘OBGYN’ is stated to be an abbreviation that refers to medical specialties in the field of gynaecology and obstetrics. The latter is termed to be a medicinal field which trains physicians to provide proper and timely care to pregnant women and to help them to deliver bonny babies.
  • On the other hand, Gynaecology refers to that medicinal field which trains physicians to identify issues and to treat disorders related to female reproductive organs. There are doctors who are found to specialize in both the subjects as both tend to deal intimately with the female reproductive tract, its pathophysiology, function, and anatomy. Doctors in this field are known to provide treatment to women both non-surgically and surgically, irrespective of the fact they are planning to get pregnant, are pregnant or not. 
  • Although female doctors can be found in more numbers as most women patients prefer to visit lady doctors, there are several male doctors who are found to practice obgyn medicine. The physician practicing gynaecological or obstetric medicine might specialize also in reproductive endocrinology, perinatology, pelvic reconstructive surgery, oncology, menopausal gynaecology, and adolescent gynaecology, family planning or paediatric. 
  • Perinatology is a medicinal field that focuses upon foetus and mother health. Special emphasis, however, is laid on foetal surgery or high-risk pregnancy management. The time that surrounds childbirth is likely to be precipitous, while the specialists’ main objective is to reduce mortality and morbidity of both the child and the mother and ensure their safety and being in good health. 
  • Patients are provided assistance by Reproductive endocrinologists to better understand, diagnose, deal or treat infertility issues. Infertility may be caused due to several anatomical, congenital and biological reasons. Diagnosis and treatment should focus upon intervention to assist couples to get pregnant. Series of tests are conducted on the woman as well as her partner, so as to narrow down issues related to infertility. Also, the physician makes several recommendations based on the diagnosis that is determined. 
  • OBGYN oncology can be termed to be a medical subspecialty dealing with non-surgical and surgical cancer treatment that is diagnosed in the female urinary tract and reproductive organs. It is a known fact that cancer spreads in the body very quickly and hence, it is crucial to consult the professionals to determine the type of therapy that will prove to be beneficial. Be it systemic chemotherapy or local excision, it is only the experienced and well-trained physician who can educate and guide patients to make appropriate decisions. 
  • A common treatment that is recommended to women suffering from pelvic organ prolapse or incontinence due to childbirth or pregnancy is considered to be pelvic reconstructive surgery. Urine leakage noticed in women is stated to be a common stress incontinence form and takes place in those having weaker pelvic floor muscles. The first line of treatment often prescribed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles is some non-invasive type of exercises which is noticed to provide excellent long term results. Sling implantation or pessary is the other options. 
  • Family planning is that medicinal field which provides contraception education to couples and women to help them prepare for pregnancy termination or abortion if the need arises. But this is a controversial field in many countries; however, do form an essential part of female medication and treatment. If treatment is not provided, then the woman’s efforts to be in the best of health are likely to be undermined, compelling her to seek unsafe care.

When it comes to availing OBGYN related treatment, it will be wise to consult the best doctors like Dr. Vinutha Arunachalam Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

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