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ETIAS or European Travel Information and Authorization System were proposed in 2016 by the European Commission to improving the security and safety of the people of Europe. With ETIAS keeping track of people traveling to 26 countries from a list of 60 countries will be easy. ETIAS is an online system of getting travel approval. It will come into effect from January 1st, 2021. This is not a VISA and hence is valid for short travels.


ETIAS travel authorization is not a VISA. 

  • There are selected countries where this is eligible, and citizens of selected countries can only apply.
  • It is limited to 90 days of travel within 180 days. It can be applied only for short term travels. To work and further studies, you will need to apply for a VISA. 
  • There is no need for biometrics or visit to the counsel or embassy. 

What is the Process?

The application is online on ETIAS official website, 

  • Filling the form is easy and doesn’t take long. It also doesn’t need anything more than a passport. 
  • A small fee is charged while applying. 
  • Once the fee is paid, your application is submitted for processing.
  • It usually takes 1 day for the travel authorization to approve. However, in certain cases, it may take up to 4 days. 
  • You will receive a confirmation of approval or rejection on your registered email id. 

What Data is Checked By ETIAS?

The ETIAS system checks Schengen Information System, the VISA information (if any), entry and exit systems, Interpol, etc. 

What Information can You get from ETIAS Official Website?

You can get all kinds of information from the ETIAS website. The website provides a guide that explains the ETIAS travel authorization process and what it means. The website also provides information on the Schengen travel zone. You can view the list of countries that come under the Schengen zone on the website along with a map. It also lists the countries’ citizen who can apply for ETIAS travel authorization. 

You will also get detailed information on what to expect and do on the borders if you have an ETIAS travel approval. This important as it does not apply to those who want to stay for a longer period. With this information, it also tells us about the history of the Schengen travel zone. So, you if fall under the listed countries and plan to travel to Europe, then do visit the ETIAS official website.

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