Is Bariatric Surgery Effective For Treating Diabetes?


When it comes to treating diabetes, weight loss has proven effective. In fact, losing weight has resulted in lower blood sugar, and some diabetic patients can even stop taking medications after losing a certain amount of weight. However, before diabetic patients can reap the benefits of weight loss, they have to lose weight and take some time and effort to do so. With that being said, for diabetic patients who have trouble losing weight, using bariatric surgery methods are a great option.

However, a lot of people here in Long Island and all over the US approach bariatric surgery clinics such as LI Obesity Surgery to ask whether it can cure their diabetes or not.  In short, weight loss surgery is proven to treat diabetes effectively. This article will explain how it works; we will also mention the benefits weight loss surgery has for diabetic patients, so read on.

How exactly getting bariatric surgery in Long Island helps diabetes?

Once you get bariatric surgery done in Long Island or anywhere in the US, your body goes through a series of directly linked changes to reducing blood sugar. The most apparent way weight loss surgery helps lower your blood sugar is by reducing the load on your pancreas, and your pancreas can start making enough insulin to meet your body’s needs.

When your body is making enough insulin, your blood sugar will be naturally regulated. However, regulating insulin production due to reduced weight is just one-way weight loss surgery helps with treating diabetes.

Studies show that once you get weight loss surgery done, your small intestine starts producing a molecule called GLUT-1 that uses up the excess glucose in your body and brings down the overall blood sugar levels.

What are some of the benefits of weight loss surgery for diabetic individuals that regular weight loss doesn’t offer?

There are plenty of benefits weight loss surgery offers for diabetic individuals that they can’t expect to get from losing weight through lifestyle changes. With that being said, here are some benefits of weight loss surgery for someone with diabetes:

More weight loss: According to research, individuals who get gastric bypass done shed around 25% of their body weight compared to only 5.7% bodyweight individuals trying to lose weight naturally lost. Obviously, there is a big difference between the amount of weight you can expect to lose from weight loss surgery and lifestyle changes. Since you are losing more weight, you can expect to see much more improvement in your blood sugar when you get weight loss surgery.

Reduced medications: As mentioned above, weight loss surgery allows diabetic patients to reduce and ultimately stop taking diabetic medications. That is something that people who are trying to lose weight through lifestyle changes were unable to experience, as per studies. 65% of individuals who get gastric bypass surgery are likely to require no diabetes medication after three years of the surgery. So if you are looking for a way to stop taking diabetes medication and treat diabetes, then getting a weight loss procedure done from a Long Island weight loss surgery clinic might be a good idea.

Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure: Since high blood sugar is directly linked with high cholesterol and blood pressure, once you get weight loss surgery done, you can also lower your cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Not to mention, once your blood sugar is normal and your body weight is reduced after a weight loss procedure, your body’s good cholesterol also starts to increase. Not only does weight loss surgery reduce blood sugar, but it also reduces the other high blood sugar issues.

Here in Long Island, more and more diabetic patients are going for bariatric surgery, and you can also get weight loss surgery done by consulting with your doctor.

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