Importance of Adding Stairs to your Swimming Pool


If you are finding an opportunity to get a brand new pool or maybe just renovating your existing one, then adding a staircase to your luxury pool will always be a win-win for you. The expert pool inspectors like the Sandals Luxury Pool will also advise you to get a stair rather than getting a ladder for getting in and out of the pool because of numerous safety factors. Although the majority of pool owners prefer ladders, but they are unaware that having a ladder is not only inconvenient for children and older people, it can also be a cause of many fatal injuries. Nevertheless, easy usage is only one of the reasons why having a staircase in your swimming pool is an absolute necessity.

Why it is better to install a Staircase in your Pools?

The expert swimming pool companies in Atlanta advise their customers to get a staircase installed in their pool rather than a ladder. Here are some of the best enlisted reason for why it is better to install stairs in your pool:

1-     Makes the Pool Safer to Use

Installing a staircase will make it easier for you to access your swimming pool and also create a safer environment in the pool. Thereby, the top Atlanta pool companies, including the Sandal Luxury Pool, recommend adding stairs to your pool. The wider the stair the better it is as it eliminates the risk of slipping while getting in and out as your feet would be wet from the swimming. Moreover, railings are also installed along with the steps to make the pool even safer for you and your little ones. Likewise, older people who have trouble in free mobility can also use the pool with better safety precautions.

2-     Gives a Better Look to the Pool

Your swimming pool stairs can be made to complement the overall design of it. Many Atlanta pool experts are highly skilled to match the color and aesthetic of one’s pool’s staircase with the overall pool look. The key is that you should hire pool experts who specialize in designing and building pool stairs in addition to all other pool construction.

3-     Makes it Easy to Maintain the Pool

The stairs of your pool do not come with any corner, hidden edges, and other empty spaces where algae and debris can lay. Thereby, installing a staircase will make it easier for you to maintain your pool. Numerous algae and dirt resistant materials are used to make the pool stairs, which ensure that they are always clean and do not become slippery due to algae growth.

4-     Easy Hold

With pool stairs and railings you can have access to better hold of yourself in water. Many swimming pool accidents happen due to slippery surfaces and moist skin, thus having something to hold onto can be an effective way to avoid any mishaps. The railings are made of special friction material so even if your hands are all wet and moist from the swimming, you can still easily rely your weight upon them and pull yourself from the water.

5-     Stairs can be customized as per your Needs

To give your pool a custom look, you can choose from a variety of materials like steel, vinyl, thermoplastic, fiberglass, and many more. The pool experts work on different orientations and locations in the pool to install the stairs properly and as per your demands. The pool stairs will give you a chance to reflect your creative side as they can be built in any design and shape.

This is why it is an absolute necessity to install staircase in your luxury swimming pools.

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